New Disneyland Nighttime Parade, Fireworks, and World of Color Announced for 60th Anniversary

Watch the new #disneyland60 Paint the Night parade on the DisneyParksBlog now! This is a great addition to #Disneyland

A new parade, fireworks, and World of Color show will debut in Disneyland on May 22nd in honor of the Disneyland 60th Anniversary. See bottom of article for updated info and videos of all three shows.  Disneyland announced the happenings for the 60th Anniversary in front of a packed house of guests and media. Our Disneyland […]

“Disneyland Anniversary Song” by Richard Sherman Sung by Dapper Dans


Disney Legend Richard Sherman wrote two new songs for the Disneyland 60th anniversary. We already shared a recording of the first song, Kiss Goodnight, which is the music for the finale of the new Disneyland Forever fireworks show. Now, here is a video of the second song titled the “Disneyland Anniversary Song.” The melody was lifted from a […]

Disney’s Tomorrowland: a Lesson of Optimism and Hope For the Future

tomorrowland movie city

Disney’s new movie Tomorrowland is released this weekend. The movie celebrates the optimistic spirit of Walt Disney embodying his quote,”many of the things that seems impossible now, will become realities tomorrow.” In our world where we are constantly blasted with negative messages and the doomsday speech, Disney’s new movie Tomorrowland proves that we control our […]

Video: Hatbox Ghost Debuts in the Disneyland Haunted Mansion


The Disneyland Hatbox ghost is back in the attraction and we have video of the new Audio-Animatronic. Rachel (@disneyland_secrets on Instagram) was in the parks for us and has captured the first video of the new ghost figure. The Hatbox ghost is a long standing Disney parks tradition. During the first couple days of operation […]

Guide to Conquering Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary–DD027

disneyland 60th anniversary castle

The Disneyland 60th Anniversary kicks off this month on May 22nd. Leading up to that date we have the return of multiple classic attractions after refurbishments and the debut of three new night time shows. On this episode of the Disney Dose podcast, we discuss the new offerings, new shows and the recently refreshed attractions. Most importantly, Casey […]

Breaking: Hear New Disneyland Richard Sherman Song “Kiss Goodnight”

disneyland castle mickey and minnie

Disneyland is currently testing the new shows for the 60th Anniversary celebration, including the new fireworks show, “Disneyland Forever.” This new nighttime spectacular boasts incredible projection mapping technology, more pyrotechnics than ever before, and a new song written by Disney Legend Richard Sherman. Disneyland Forever Kiss Goodnight Song By Richard Sherman The video below was captured […]

6 Incredible Secrets of Disneyland Main Street USA

disneyland main street secrets

Today we will go behind the scenes on Main Street USA in Disneyland. First things first, turn on the Main Street USA background music….did you turn it on? Then you are ready to go. Every guest that enters Disneyland walks down this entrance street. But, it is so much more than just a walkway to the rides. Main […]

CONFIRMED: Disneyland Hatbox Ghost Returns to Haunted Mansion

haunted mansion hatbox ghost

Disney confirmed this morning that the Hatbox Ghost will be returning to the Haunted Mansion this May 2o15 (probably around the time of the debut of the new 60th Anniversary entertainment). The Hatbox Ghost is a legendary figure in Disneyland history. The original Audio-Animatronic was in the Haunted Mansion when the attraction opened, but was […]

Interview With Voice of Jafar from Aladdin, Jonathan Freeman–DD025

aladdin jafar disney

Jonathan Freeman, the original voice of Jafar in the Disney’s classic movie, Aladdin, joins us on the Disney Dose podcast this week. We discuss his breathtaking 25+ years voicing the character and his current role as Jafar in the theater production of Aladdin on Broadway. This episode is filled with Disney Animation history and enlightening stories […]

Top 11 Things to do When Disneyland is Crowded

crowded disneyland things to do disneyland people

Disneyland can be a very crowded place at certain peak times of year. During these Disneyland peak seasons, the afternoons are usually the most crowded. I put together this list of things to do in the busy Disneyland afternoons during these peak seasons. During a recent trip during the Christmas holidays, the parks hit capacity on multiple […]

Disneyland Gives Face Value For Unused Ticket Books and Letter Coupons

disneyland unused tickets credit

From the opening of the park until 1982, Disneyland used tiered tickets or lettered “coupons” for admission into individual attractions. When the coupon system was replaced with Disneyland day passports, there were still thousands of unused lettered coupons in circulation. Typically guests would exhaust all of their “E Tickets,” but often returned home with unused […]

9 Reasons to See the New Live Action Disney’s Cinderella


The new Cinderella is a fantastic retelling of the classic fairytale that closely resembles the animated version, while still adding more depth and beauty to the story than ever before. Here are the top nine reasons that you should go see the new version of Disney’s Cinderella. 9 Reasons to See Cinderella Incredible World is Believable The visual […]

He Rode Disneyland’s Indiana Jones Adventure 22 Times in a Row–That’s Why the Music is So Good

concept art main room indiana jones disneyland

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the Indiana Jones Adventure in Disneyland, I have a story from composer Richard Bellis. He arranged the music for many of the greatest attractions throughout Disneyland including Indiana Jones Adventure, Star Tours, and Tower of Terror. The below text is an excerpt from his book, The Emerging Film Composer: […]

Sleeping Beauty Castle Tarps Removed: Before and After

disneyland castle sleeping beauty

The themed Sleeping Beauty Castle tarps were removed today, and now the castle is in full view. We have photos of the new color scheme for the castle. Danielle, the author of the fantastic Tales of a Disneyland Cast Member, has photos for us to share. Here is the castle before the tarps went up: Now, […]

Secrets Behind the Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse Partners Statue–DD026


Join me for an exploration of the history behind the partners statue that features Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse. While the public story is that the partners statue was simply added to honor Walt Disney, the Imagineers had an ulterior motive. Disney Historian Jim Korkis and I trace the tale of this partners statue from the very beginning when […]

How to Avoid the 2015 Disneyland Price Hike

avoid disneyland price increases

Both Disneyland and Walt Disney World prices went up on Sunday February 22, 2015. This price hike comes less than a year after the most recent jump(last was May 2014). But, you still have time to get your tickets through our recommended Disneyland-approved third party ticket reseller at the 2014 Disneyland prices. See full information below. […]

Mad T Party Returns to Disney California Adventure May 22nd

mad t party disney california adventure

Disney officially announced earlier today that the Mad T Party would return to the backlot section of Disney California Adventure on May 22nd. The announcement comes after the dance party was transformed into the Frozen themed “Freeze the Night! Family Dance Party.” The Frozen party has been popular with the family demographic, but has failed to draw […]

Disneyland Castle and Carthay Circle Theater Will Be Decorated For 60th

disneyland castle decorations 60th anniversary

Both the Disneyland Castle and Carthay Circle Theater will be draped in diamonds in honor of the Disneyland 60th Anniversary starting May 22nd. Both will feature flourishing diamond touches and large medallion Ds gracing their fronts. The entire resort will feature Disneyland Diamond Celebration themed decor and banners in the Disneyland shades of blue. The peaks […]

14 Disneyland Star Wars Half Marathon Costumes. Can’t Believe They Wore #9 Running.

disneyland star wars run disney half marathon weekend

Disneyland hosted the first annual Star Wars Half Marathon this past Sunday. The half marathon race was just one of three races over the Martin Luther King long weekend. The event also included a 5k and 10k race. Runners could chose to run each race individually or take the rebel challenge to finish all three […]

How Becoming an Imagineer Made Terri Hardin Love Disneyland Even More–DD024

big thunder mountain dlp

The Disney Dose podcast is back with Terri Hardin, the Disney Imagineer and sculptor responsible for the beautiful rock work at Disneyland Paris and the artistry of Splash Mountain Tokyo. You can listen to her first interview by clicking here. This week we discuss the difficulty of being a woman working in the rock work […]