Magic Key- Disneyland’s Annual Pass Program – All Prices, Perks, and Details!

The Disneyland Magic Key program is a variation on the Disneyland Annual Passholder program. Disney just announced some new changes for the Magic Key program that we cover below.

The Magic Key pass allows you access to Disneyland along with levels of discounts depending on the tier you purchase. It's a great option for Disneyland fans that will be visiting the parks often.

Magic Key Renewal InformationMagic Key Renewal

Disney has just released the news we've been waiting on Magic Key renewals along with NEW updates to the program which we have full details about below.

There were rumors flying of a huge overhaul to the Magic Key program but overall the program remains largely the same with only a few minor changes. We were surprised to only see some minor changes considering the increased popularity for Disneyland and the growth we've seen for the parks.

Magic Key Perks Added

Magic Key holders will see two new perks added to their passes with this new program. All passes will receive the option to purchase Genie+ for 20% off on the day of their park visit (subject to availability). This is only for the standard daily purchase of Genie+ and does not apply to individual Lightning Lane access.

The top two tiers of Magic Key holders will also see the addition of Unlimited PhotoPass downloads to their Magic Keys which is another great perk. This benefit will be added to passes starting on August 18th.

Plus Disney also specifically shared that Magic Keyholders will still get access to the same perks as before such as the Magic Key terrace in Disney California Adventure, special early photo opportunities with characters (Magic Keyholders got to meet Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse in their new Halloween costumes last year before the start of the season), early access to purchase tickets for select special events, and other in park perks.

Changes to Magic Keys

The most drastic change to the Magic Key program was the unblocked pass “Dream Key” was removed and replaced with the “Inspire Key” which does include blockout dates. This is the largest shift in the program, there is no longer a Magic Key without block out dates at Disneyland. However, the Inspire Key's blockout dates only include the two weeks around Disneyland Christmas and New Year's Eve. While we know this isn't welcome news for many passholders, this is still a relatively small number of block out dates, considering the motivation Disney has to increase the level of vacationing guests to the resort.

Renewing Your Disneyland Magic Key

The renewal date for the Disneyland Magic Key program will begin this Thursday, August 18th. Current Magic Key passholders will be given the opportunity to upgrade or renew their passes before the passes fully go on sale to the public at a later date to be announced.

Once renewals are processed, the general public will have the opportunity to purchase passes but it is likely that some passes may sell out. I highly recommend you purchase the pass you're interested in, just in case things do sell out! For those with passes that expire in a few months, you will have to renew into what is available at the time of your renewal date.

The renewal window on this Thursday will open no earlier than 9 am PST. Magic Keyholders who have already had their pass expire can renew until August 31, 2022.

Existing passholders can only shift their pass levels and purchase a renewal pass once they are within 30 days of their existing pass expiring. So, starting this Thursday anyone who purchased their pass before September 17, 2022 will be able to renew, upgrade, or downgrade their pass.

What if I had a Dream Key Pass?

You will need to renew into a different pass type as the Dream Key pass is no longer an option. The closest pass in comparison is the new Inspire Key pass as the top tier pass with the most benefits and access to Disneyland.

“Magic Key” – Disneyland Annual Passholder Program

The Magic Key program is available across four different tiers ranging in price from $449 (for Southern California residents only) to $1599 (highest level of perks). The pass levels have varying discount amounts for merchandise and food & beverage and allow for different amounts of park reservations to be held at any one time.

Reservations are required for all pass levels. Reservations can be made the day of if they are still available. The monthly payment option is available for California residents.

Discount Hack for Disneyland Annual Pass Program

NOTE: The below hack to save on Disneyland Magic Keys does not work for renewals of passes. This hack will work once again when new Magic Key passes go on sale.
There is a HACK to save money on the Disneyland Annual Pass program. You can purchase our exclusively discounted tickets from Get Away Today and upgrade those tickets into your Annual Pass at the full rack rate of the tickets.
Here's an example. When you purchase a Disneyland 4-day park hopper ticket through our private discount linksto Get Away Today you only pay $381 per ticket instead of the ticket booth rate of $395. That's a savings of $14 per ticket. That savings will be passed on to you if you upgrade your ticket to an Annual Pass. The full value of the $395 ticket will be applied towards your Annual Pass payment even though you only paid $381. There is an even bigger savings when you purchase a 4-day EXTRA DAY FREE ticket that is valid for five days for $392 as opposed to the $415 ticket booth rate. That is a $23 per ticket savings!
The steps for upgrading a discounted ticket into an Annual Pass are:
  • Purchase your discounted Disneyland ticket via our private links to Get Away Todayso that you get an additional savings
  • Make your park reservations for any time within the 13 days of the first use of the ticket
  • On the final day of your ticket after you have entered the park for the first time, go into the Disneyland app and select the option to upgrade your ticket to a Magic Key Disneyland Annual Pass. That's right, it is so simple you only have to use your app!
The only ticket type that cannot be upgraded to an Annual Passport is any of the California resident ticket specials. If you purchased one of these tickets from Get Away Today and you want to switch the ticket so that you can upgrade to an Annual Pass, reach out to them and they will help you make the switch.

Disneyland Annual Pass 2022 Prices and Levels

Click here for the blackout dates from Disneyland- this will be important information to know for when you select your pass.

NOTE: The blockout calendar posted on the Disneyland website now is similar but not exact- the full one will be posted tomorrow morning. And yes, the new top tier pass (Imagine Key) is blocked out from December 21st to January 1st.

NEW: Inspire Key PassInspire Key Disneyland


  • 6 park reservations at a time
  • Standard theme park included at select lots (excluding block out dates)
  • 20% off select merchandise
  • 15% off select food & beverage
  • 20% off Disney Genie+ service day of visit
  • Unlimited Disney PhotoPass downloads

Believe Key PassBelieve Key Disneyland


  • 6 park reservations at a time
  • 50% off standard theme parking at select lots (excluding block out dates)
  • 10% off select merchandise
  • 10% off select food & beverage
  • 20% off Disney Genie+ service day of visit
  • Unlimited Disney PhotoPass downloads

Enchant Key PassEnchant Key Disneyland


  • 4 park reservations at a time
  • 10% off select merchandise
  • 10% off select food & beverage
  • 25% off standard theme parking at select lots (excluding block out dates)
  • 20% off Disney Genie+ service day of visit

Imagine Key Pass

magic key disneyland renewal details


  • Only available for Southern California Residents living in zip codes 90000 to 93599
  • 2 park reservations at a time
  • 10% off select merchandise
  • 10% off select food & beverage
  • 25% off standard theme parking at select lots (excluding block out dates)
  • 20% off Disney Genie+ service day of visit

Theme Park Reservations

All Magic Key holders will be required to make a theme park reservation for their visit. You can book a reservation up to 90s in advance.

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  1. I fear this heralds Price Increases. Probably increasing premium payment days at busy periods. Whilst Disney have not been shy in milking visitors on tickets, we must accept they will need to recover the lost revenue of 2020.

    • I expect that Disney will create a new type of loyalty program in the future. There have long been rumors of a pass that would be more like pre-paying for a certain number of days!

  2. Done and Done. Only way Disneyland visits would ever work for me is with an annual pass or the equivalent. limited use tickets will never work for So. Cal. locals. Of course it will be a few years before Disneyland resort returns to anything similar to the way it was before 2020

    • I would expect that Disney will still create a pass that will allow locals and others who are dedicated fans to visit at a lower price. We will just have to wait and see the details. Disney wants to serve their best fans.

  3. My husband was a conductor on the Disneyland Railroad, and I was a tourguide when we met 56 years ago. Now, at 81 and 75, we can’t even get into Disneyland parking lot for a vaccine, much less bring our youngest grandchildren back into the park. And the two year old has a MinnyMouse mask I made for her! Jimminy Crickets!

    • What a great history with the parks! Once this is all over there will absolutely be a way for Disney’s best fans to visit the parks in a similar system to the Annual Passholder program.

  4. I purchased tickets and had a vacation planned, but Disneyland shut down. Can I still use my tickets?

    • Yes, once the parks reopen your tickets will be extended. If you purchased through our travel partner, Get Away Today, you can also transfer the credit to use for a Walt Disney World vacation.

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