Disneyland in September 2023: What to Wear, Pack Plus Crowd Tips

Disneyland in September features the beginning of the Halloween season along with still lingering summer weather. This is a great time to visit if you want to experience Halloween at Disneyland before the heavier crowds arrive in October.

Everyone has personal preferences to consider when planning the date of their Disneyland trip- each season will have its pros and cons and guests' choices will vary based on those. Make sure to read our Disneyland crowd calendar to get an idea of what to expect when picking a date to visit Disneyland.

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Disneyland Events in September

Here are all the current events to know about impacting Disneyland in September!

Halloween at Disneyland

Halloween at Disneyland begins in the first week of September and continues until Halloween. If you're in the parks in September then chances are you will be there for the Halloween fun even if you arrive before the official start date you will already see decorations going up. You can expect to see special themed attractions, seasonal food, decor and a Halloween fireworks show called Halloween Screams.

Oogie Boogie Bash at California Adventure

Oogie Boogie Bash at Disney's California Adventure will begin in September and run until Halloween. The event consists of Halloween entertainment, opportunities to wear costumes in the parks, meet and greets, and more. This is a separate ticketed event so you must purchase a ticket to attend. It's a must do so consider getting tickets for it!

Universal Studios Hollywood's Halloween Horror Nights

While this isn't strictly Disneyland related, it's worthwhile to mention that Universal Studios Hollywood also begins their Halloween celebrations mid-September. For guests that are looking to take a break from Disneyland and spend a day at Universal Studios, it's important to be aware of these Halloween Horror Nights which are much more adult focused than the Halloween festivities at Disneyland.

Gay Days

September 22-24th the fan-created Disneyland Gay Days are held. You will see a large gathering of people wearing red in the parks to demonstrate they are members of the event. Disneyland usually offers rainbow merchandise and food offerings throughout the park in recognition of the celebration.

Disneyland in September Pros

Disneyland in September is the start of the Halloween season which includes plenty of themed attractions! The Haunted Mansion receives a Nightmare Before Christmas theme and some guests actually find it better than the original. Over in California Adventure, you will see Halloween themes on the smaller Cars land rides but the big theme takes place in the Guardians of the Galaxy- Mission: BREAKOUT! ride. Once evening falls, the ride is transformed into a monster hunt to save baby Groot.

Another pro of visiting Disneyland in September is that you can catch some of the Halloween fun before the crowds begin to pick up drastically in October. Halloween has become a popular time of the year to visit with crowd levels nearly matching those of Christmas! So the earlier in September you can visit, the better if you want to avoid high crowd levels.

Disneyland in September Cons

A con of visiting Disneyland in September is that California Adventure is hosting the Oogie Boogie Bash Halloween themed event and if you don't have a ticket you will have to leave the park by 5PM that day. Make sure you have a park hopper so you can hop over to Disneyland when the time comes!

For guests that may not like Halloween, you should be prepared to expect Halloween themes early in September as most of the entire month is also dedicated to the celebration. You will see plenty of Halloween themed entertainment, food, and attraction themes. If you want to see traditional fireworks or the Haunted Mansion without the overlay, that's something to be aware of when you visit during the beginning of the holiday season with both Halloween and Christmas being celebrated in the parks.

What is Disneyland Weather Like in September?

Disneyland in September can actually be just as hot as days in the summer which can take many guests by surprise. The average high this time of year is 84 degrees and the average low at 63. You also have the bonus factor of all the concrete in the parks reflecting the sun back at you when you're there.

Even though you're visiting in the Fall, this time of year can be just as hot as the hottest days of summer so it's important to pack accordingly. The good news about the hot weather sticking around is the long days of sunshine also stick around with the average day lasting around 14 hours.

Considering the high average temperature for the month of September, plan on packing summer attire for the parks and the pool at your hotel.

Always bring the hot weather necessities like sunscreen, portable fans, cooling towels, and other items all aimed at keeping you cool on hot days. If you find yourself wanting one of these while you're there, you'll end up paying a high price in the parks or at your hotel. And if you're planning on hitting the beach, don't bother bringing towels and just use the ones from your hotel.

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