Disneyland Food Guide – Best Food Finds, Food Costs, and Dining Experiences

One of the best things about a Disneyland vacation is planning out what to eat at Disneyland, how to find the best food at Disneyland, and tracking down all the mickey shaped food at Disneyland! We have you covered on with our Disneyland food guide so you can find the best food at Disneyland.

What is the best food to eat at Disneyland?Tiki Juice Bar & Dole Whip in Disneyland Park | Disneyland Resort

There are a few classic Disneyland food items that make up the best foods at Disneyland. Whether these items are delicious, mickey shaped, or found on Main Street U.S.A. they are all must try Disneyland food items!

  • Fried chicken– the fried chicken at the Plaza Inn on Main Street U.S.A. is a classic Disneyland food staple and is a must try for your visit
  • Dole whip– the famous dole whip is also the best vegan food at Disneyland you can find. This famous pineapple soft serve treat can be found at the Tropical Hideaway and outside of Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room. You can't go to Disneyland without trying a dole whip!
  • Corn dog– the hand dipped corn dogs are another top Disneyland food item you can find on Main Street U.S.A. at the Little Red Wagon. You've never had a corn dog like this- the hand dipped batter makes these the best corn dogs you can find. You can also find a vegetarian hand dipped corn dog in California Adventure that's instead a corn dog filled with cheese.
  • Ice cream– the ice cream at Disneyland is famous especially on Main Street U.S.A at the Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor.
  • Clam chowder– New Orleans Square has the best clam chowder in Disneyland and most of the restaurants serve it in a delicious bread bowl.
  • Mickey Mouse waffles– you can find Mickey shaped waffles and pancakes are many of the breakfast locations but one of our favorite places to eat is the Plaza Inn so we can also enjoy the Minnie & Friends Character Breakfast.
  • Churros– this Disneyland food item is more than just your ordinary churro! Aside from regular cinnamon churros Disneyland will often release specially themed churros with a variety of flavors and frosting options.
  • Mint julep and Mickey beignets– you can find this (non-alocholic) drink inside New Orleans Square and pairs nicely with the powdered Mickey shaped beignets.

That's just a taste of the best Disneyland food when it comes to trying the most iconic and classic treats and is just a small sample of all the Disneyland food you can find. Keep reading for more information on all the Disneyland restaurants along with our top park recommendations.

What food is at Disneyland?Blue Bayou Disneyland

Restaurants in Disneyland can be found around every park corner and offer a variety of menu options. At Disneyland there are two main dining style options called quick service and table service. Table service features sit down dining with a waiter/waitress that brings you your menu and your food. These are the only Disneyland food locations that take advance reservations. Quick service dining is Disneyland food you can take to go and offers a wide variety of menu options in both parks. And most of the quick service options at Disneyland also offer mobile ordering.

Below we break down all of the Disneyland food restaurants by land so you can find them in both Disneyland park and California Adventure park.

Main Street, U.S.A.

  • $- Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor– ice cream parlor in an old fashioned and nostalgic setting.
  • $- Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe– this is a cafe style eatery in a Mary Poppins theme with coffee, dessert, and sandwiches.
  • $- Market House– this is the official Starbucks location inside Disneyland.
  • $-$$- Carnation Cafe– this is a table service American style restaurant featuring some of Walt Disney's favorite food items.
  • $$-$$$- Plaza Inn– this is the only table service restaurant in the park that offers a character dining option called Breakfast with Minnie & Friends.


  • $-Bengal Barbecue– Bengal Barbecue offers skewered chicken, pork, and other roasted food items.
  • $- Tiki Juice Bar– this is one of the places to get our favorite dole whip outside of the Enchanted Tiki Room.
  • $- The Tropical Hideaway– the Tropical Hideaway is a restaurant located alongside the Jungle Cruise and serves a variety of dole whip flavors.


Critter Country

  • $- Hungry Bear Restaurant– you can find great fried food here like chicken fingers, burgers in a fast food style.
  • $- Harbour Galley– this is one of the locations you can find the famous chowder along with lobster rolls, and shrimp salads.

New Orleans Square

  • $-French Market Restaurant– this table service restaurant serves cajun/creole dining options that fits in nicelyw ith the theme of New Orleans Square.
  • $- Mint Julep Bar– this Disneyland menu is a must because this is where you can find the popular mint juelps and Mickey shaped beignets.
  • $- Royal Street Veranda– you can find great gumbo here along with vegetarian gumbo options.
  • $$- Cafe Orleans- this table service restaurant serves an affordable menu alternative to the Blue Bayou including the Monte Cristo sandwich at a lesser price.
  • $$$-Blue Bayou Restaurant– this upscale cajun/creole table serve restaurant is located inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and is a popular Disneyland restaurant.


  • $- Edelweiss Snacks– you can find the iconic turkey legs at this food stand in Fantasyland.
  • $- Red Rose Taverne– the Red Rose Taverne is Beauty and the Beast themed serving the popular Grey Stuff dessert.
  • $- Troubadour Tavern– this is a medieval style food stand that offers a variety of pretzel bites, bratwurst, and other snacks.



  • $- Clarabelle's– all of the ToonTown food is walk up style and this one offers ice- cream along with a variety of salads and sandwiches.
  • $- Daisy's Diner– this kid friendly walk up options features pizza by the slice and mac and cheese.
  • $-Pluto's Dog House– this walk up eatery offers a selection of hot dogs.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

  • $-$$- Oga's Cantina– this is the only place inside Disneyland Park that serves alcohol in a Star Wars themed cantina setting with a wide variety of drinks.
  • $-$$- Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo– this is the main food location in the land with a galaxy spin on farm to table food selections.
  • $- Ronto Roasters– this food stand is called the best food in the land featuring pork/sausage wraps along with a vegetarian option.
  • $- Milk Stand– this is where the Star Wars Blue and Green Milk can be found. This ‘milk' is actually vegan friendly which is a plus.
  • $- Kat Saka's Kettle– this is a snack stand offering a specialty popcorn and the themed Coca-Cola bottles.

What food is at California Adventure?Carthay Circle disneyland

Park hopping at Disneyland is easier than any other Disney park with both Disneyland and California just a short walk from each other. The food at California Adventure is often said to be better (although some classic food fans may disagree) than what you can find at Disneyland. Here are all the food options you can find at California Adventure organized by land.

Buena Vista Street

Grizzly Peak

  • $- Smokejumpers Grill– this is an American food restaurant with cheeseburgers, grilled cheese, and other common offerings.

Cars Land

  • $- Flo’s V8 Cafe– this restaurant is located right by Radiator Springs Racers with a great view and offers plenty of comfort diner food and milkshakes.
  • $- Cozy Cone Motel– this is an unique food area in Cars Land with four themed cones offering churros, pretzels, chili, and dessert.

Pixar Pier

  • $- Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats– this dessert stand offers vegan friendly lemon soft serve.
  • $- Angry Dogs– you can find spicy and regular hot dogs at this food stand.
  • $- Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums– located right by the Incredicoaster this stand serves giant warm chocolate chip cookies.
  • $- Poultry Palace– you can find chicken and side dishes here with a Toy Story theme.
  • $- Señor Buzz Churros– this is a churro stand that also offers spicy caliente churros.
  • $$- Lamplight Lounge– you can find the popular lobster nachos at this table service restaurant along with a great drink menu and Californian inspired dishes. The Lamplight Lounge is a favorite for many guests.

Pacific Wharf

Hollywood Land

  • $- Award Wieners– a great selection of gourmet hot dogs, kids meals, and drinks.
  • $- Schmoozies!– a huge variety of smoothies, teas, and shakes.

Paradise Gardens Park

  • $- Corn Dog Castle– this is where you find the hand dipped corn dogs in California Adventure and the popular vegetarian friendly cheese dog.
  • $- Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta– cafeteria style eatery with salads, pizza, and pastas.
  • $-Bayside Brews– another place to find great craft brews and bar snacks like pretzels.
  • $- Paradise Garden Grill– this large Mexican style restaurant offers seasonal options and vegetarian dishes.

You can also find great dining options at Downtown Disney and the Disneyland Resort hotels which consist of a variety of food options, nightlife, and fine dining.

Guests with severe allergies, those requiring kosher meals, or those on restricted diets can arrange assistance at City Hall in Disneyland or the Chamber of Commerce at Disney California Adventure. If you are dining at a Disneyland Resort Restaurant, then call the restaurant at least one day in advance for assistance at (714) 781-3463.

How much does the food cost at Disneyland?Dessert Party plate

There are a few factors that impact how much the food costs at Disneyland along with a few money saving park tricks to keep in mind.

1.Table service vs. Quick service

Table service options at the park will always be more expensive than quick service options especially when you factor in the tip and drinks. You can expect to pay a higher premium for alcohol too at the table service restaurants which will drive your cost up.

2. Refer to the $$$ Symbols

In both our list guide above and the list on the Disneyland official website, each restaurant option will have a $ symbol on it that helps give you an average idea of cost.

$- ($14.99 dollars and under)

$$-($15 to $34.99)

$$$-($35 to $59.99 per adult)

$$$$-(over $60)

Dining experiences like character dining or dining packages (more on these below!) will always be in the higher priced category.

3. Order à La Carte

If you can, order your food without the sides to save a little bit of extra money. Many of the meals at Disneyland can be extremely filling so you might find you won't eat the sides anyways. This can be especially true for kids who might just throw their sides away after being filled up by the main event.

4. Research Menus

You can dine smart at table service restaurants by looking at the list of menus in advance to help plan your park eating plan list. For example, you can find the exact sample Monte Cristo sandwich at a lesser price at Cafe Orleans rather than paying a premium price at Blue Bayou. Cafe Orleans offers a variety of similar food at a lesser cost than the Blue Bayou where you're namely paying for the atmosphere being inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

5. Order Kids Meals

Kids nine and under can order from the kids menu list at the table service restaurants which is often extremely affordable even at the priciest restaurant options. The kids meal options cater to the assumption that many kids can be picky eaters so you will find a variety of ‘kid friendly' food options like pizza, mac and cheese, grilled cheese, PB&J, etc.

Can you bring food into Disneyland?Image result for picnic area disneyland

Yes, you can absolutely bring food into Disneyland and it can be one of the best ways to save money. There is actually a designated picnic area available for guests to enjoy outside food. You can find the picnic area to the immediate left, if you are facing the Disneyland gates, outside the entrance to the park.

Keep in mind that Disney won't allow you bring in a hard side cooler, you have to use a soft side one when you enter the parks. There are lockers that are available outside the gates (where you could put a hard side cooler) or inside the parks.  Locker rentals are available for different prices depending on the locker size. Inside the parks, lockers are available for $7 and $10 per day. Outside the parks, lockers are available for $7, $10, $11, $12 and $15 per day. Lockers provide unlimited access throughout the day but you can't leave items in them overnight.

The access to a picnic area and lockers makes it extremely easy to pack your own lunch or dinner to eat at Disneyland. You can also pack your park bag full of snacks too so you have something ready to enjoy throughout the day. You can also bring in your own water bottle or other bottled drinks. Disneyland is very welcoming of outside food which is a welcome change from many other theme parks!

Dining Experiences at DisneylandWorld of Color

Disneyland also offers a variety of dining packages for entertainment and character dining options. These dining experiences are great fun for Disney fans and also come with the convenience of combining other park experiences with your meal.

Dining Packages

Dining packages are basically where you pay a higher cost for a meal that includes a voucher for reserved seating for popular nighttime entertainment and parades. Reserved seating can be a great way to ease stress when trying to see the entertainment at the park which often requires you to obtain a FastPass and reserve your spot for at least 90 minuets in advance.

Here are the currently available entertainment options that offer dining packages for Disneyland and California Adventure:

  • Fantasmic! Dining Packages at the Blue Bayou, River Belle Terrace, and the Hungry Bear
    • These three dining packages vary in price depending on the restaurant (the more upscale the food, the pricier the meal) and all come with a ticket to a reserved seating area for Fantasmic!
  • Plaza Inn Dining Package for Disneyland Parades
    • The Plaza Inn will usually offer a to-go dining package for the current parade.
  • Firework Viewing at the Tomorrowland Skyline Lounge
    • This lounge experience comes mainly with snacks, drinks, and minimal character interactions during the fireworks.
  • World of Color Dining Packages at Carthay Circle, Wine County Trattoria, and StoryTeller's Cafe
    • These three dining packages vary in price depending on the restaurant and come with a reserved seating ticket to World of Color.
  • World of Color Dessert Party
    • This is the only dining package that offers food you enjoy during the show and is a premium experience.

Keep in mind that these offerings changes with seasonal parades and shows so it's helpful to always review the Disneyland website before your visit for the most up to date offerings.

Character DiningGoofys Character Dining

Character dining is a meal experience where you enjoy a buffet style meal while popular Disney characters roam around the restaurant greeting guests, taking pictures, and signing autographs.

Here are the character dining options currently available at Disneyland and the Disneyland Resort hotels:

  • Breakfast With Minnie and Friends at the Plaza Inn inside Disneyland
    • This is the only character dining option inside the theme park so this one requires theme park admission. You can expect to see a variety of characters such as Minnie Mouse, Eeyore, Captain Hook, Rafiki, Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, Chip n Dale, and Fairy Godmother. Other characters that have been spotted here are Gepetto, Genie, Max, the Cinderella Mice, Pinocchio, and the penguins from Mary Poppins.
  • Goofy’s Kitchen at the Disneyland Hotel
    • Goofy's Kitchen is the only character meal that also offers dinner making it a flexible options. Characters seen here include Goofy, Pluto, Baloo from the Jungle Book, Aladdin and Jasmine, Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Chip or Dale, and Pinocchio. In the evening, Minnie Mouse might be found here.
  • Mickey's Tales of Adventure Character Breakfast at Disney's Grand Californian
    • This character meal has some of the best food out of the rest because of the high standard of dining offered at the Grand Californian. You can expect to see Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Chip n Dale, and Pluto in their wilderness outfits.
  • Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures at Disney's Grand Californian
    • This is an extremely upscale option (with a price tag to match!) that is more than just a character breakfast but also an multi-hour experience where you get to mingle with the famous Disney Princesses and enjoy some of the best dining in the Disneyland Resort. There will be a variety of Disney Princesses at this meal such as Belle, Tianna, Ariel, Jasmine, Mulan, and Rapunzel.

Come prepared to your character dining experience with your autograph book and camera ready to make the most out of your experience. And no need to chase the characters around the restaurant, relax and eat your food- they will come to you! If you notice a character skipped your table just politely inform a cast member and they'll make it right.

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