All Six Flags Locations – List, Ranking, US Theme Parks

Six Flags is known for its many locations across the United States providing the ultimate theme park thrill experience. Six Flags is popular for many families especially since they are so accessible and have more affordable options than other theme parks.

All Six Flags Locations in the US

There are 13 total Six Flags theme park locations throughout the United States. These locations are spread over most of the country so there is almost always a theme park near your part of the US.

The states that have Six Flags Park locations include Texas, California, Georgia, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Missouri, Maryland, and Arizona.

Not all locations are the same. Here we will rank all 13 of the Six Flag Locations in order of which should be at the top of your list to visit to which park you can’t wait to see based mostly on the thrill factors.

1. Six Flags Over Georgia

Many visitors to this theme park describe it as one of the best theme park experiences. With the variety of options available and the water park feature available during the summer, it ranks high on our list.

Six Flags locations

Number of Rides 38

Thrill Rides 13

Family and Kid Attractions 25

Most Notable Attraction: Cruising at a cool 70 mph, the Goliath coaster is not made for timid riders. With three intense drops, 12 stories is nothing, right, and a 540-degree spiral, this coaster is sure to get your heart pumping.

Six Flags over Georgia not only has a great number of rides, including a lot for families and kids, but there are 25 different dining locations, 19 shopping opportunities, plus games and live entertainment throughout the park.

The park is open seasonally, so for the fall they run the Kids Boo Fest Thrills and Fright Fest Chills on the weekends.

2. Six Flags Magic Mountain (California)

Located just 35 miles from Los Angeles California, this Six Flags theme park is sure to offer a great day while visiting Los Angeles. Known as the “Thrill Capital of the World,” this 260 acre theme park has 20 coasters (more than any other theme park!)

Number of Rides: 42

Thrill Rides: 19

Family and Kid Attractions: 23

Most Notable Attraction: The most unique riding experience is the X2 ride. This is a 5th dimension roller coaster. 360 degree rotating seats, 200 feet height, 76 miles per hour car, dives, twists, and turns. This ride will really have you spinning.

There are at least 25 different eating locations, rotating seasonal entertainment opportunities, and the ability to do Meet and Greets at DC Universe. When it comes to rankings, we are all about the adventure and thrill in this list, making Magic Mountain earn a top spot of Six Flags parks to visit.

Six Flags locations

4. Six Flags Over Texas

The oldest Six Flags park is composed of five different themed areas. Choose your adventure through Mexico and Spain, Texas, Tower, Boomtown, or Gotham for this fun-filled day of riding rides.

Number of Rides 48

Thrill Rides 19

Family and Kid Attractions 29

Most Notable Attraction: Six Flags is known for the heart pumping thrill rides, and that is what you will get with the Titan, a hyper twisted coaster. With a 255 foot drop, two 540 degree spirals, and speeds of 85 mph, this super-sized track will give you maximum thrills.

Six Flags over Texas features 40 eateries, including Starbucks coffee, if the roller coasters weren’t enough of a kick start. Shops with souvenirs tailored to the area you are in and live entertainment throughout the park mean that when you need a break from the fast paced rides, you can relax for a bit while keeping busy.

Six Flags locations

Six Flags Darien Lake (New York)

The Darien Lake Six Flags location in New York is a must do for thrill seekers. Not only is there entertainment and fun, but you can also stay at the Hotel and Campground and visit the water park on site as well.

Number of Rides: 45

Thrill Rides: 12 attractions – some close for the season

Family & Kid Rides: 24 attractions – some close for the winter season

Most Notable Attraction: Ride of Steel! This is one of the tallest roller coasters east of the Mississippi. With heights of 208 feet and speeds over 75 miles an hour, you are sure to feel the wind in your hair.

Six Flags locations

There are over 30 different eating establishments, live entertainment and concerts, and shopping on property so even those who are only here to visit the family and kid rides can definitely add more into their day.

Six Flags Great America (Illinois)

With 9 great sections of rides and entertainment, Six Flags Great America has offerings for every type of interest. Attractions, gaming, shopping, entertainment, and dining options are located in each section. Guests can choose to start at Carousell Plaza, Orleans Place, Mardi Gras, DC Universe Yukon Territory, County Fair, Metropolis Plaza, Hometown Square, or Southwest Territory.

Six Flags locations

Number of Rides: 48

Thrill Rides: 16

Family and Kid Attractions: 32

Most Notable Attraction: The Maxx Force ride is all it promises to be in a roller coaster, with the world’s tallest double inversion. Go upside down twice at 175 feet off the ground. The world’s fastest inversion, of 60 MPH!, can be found at this coaster as well. If you have a need for speed and love to go upside down, Maxx Force is an awesome option for you.

Parades and shows are offered as entertainment at this theme park. Shopping and dining are also greatly available throughout the park. With a ton of themed areas and ride options, the park is a great one to visit, and is high on our list.

Six Flags Great Adventure (New Jersey)

The Six Flags Great Adventure located in New Jersey is a great way to experience animals and nature on your theme park day. With rides for all ages and thrill experiences, this is a great park for a family filled day.

Number of Rides: 54

Maximum Thrill Rides: 15

Family and Kid Attractions: 39

Most Notable Attraction: Voted #1 in USA Today’s 10 Best Awards in 2022 for Best Roller Coaster, the El Toro is sure to please. It looks like a classic wooden roller coaster, but is built with ultra-modern engineering techniques for a fast smooth ride. As you ride the bucking bull 70 mph up 19 stories to a 176 foot drop, you are sure to understand the madness of El Toro.

With 5 theaters and 48 dining locations, this Six Flags location should have enough options for dining and entertainment to please even the pickiest of park goers.

Six Flags locations

Not only will you have a great adventure in the park with the rides and shops, but make sure to book a night at the Savannah Sunset Resort and Spa. Spend the night in a luxury canvas tent, wake up and watch the giraffes freely roam, and unwind with the state-of-the art spa.

Six Flags Great Escape (New York)

Stay where you plan to enjoy both Six Flags Great Escape and the Hurricane Harbor Water Park when booking the Great Escape Lodge. Here you will have access to all of the attractions, games, shopping, food, and character meet-and-greets offered when you walk across the street to enjoy the theme park.

Make sure to pack your swim stuff if you plan to go to Six Flags Great Escape as the water park is located inside this Six Flags Location.

Number of Rides: 51

Thrill Rides: 12

Family and Kid Attractions: 30

Most Notable Attraction: If you really want your breath taken away, take a ride on Flashback, where 5.2 G-forces are what you will experience. A double inversion cobra roll, top speeds, and two times the thrill as you ride the coaster forwards and then again backwards.

The theme park also features a Ferris wheel, petting zoo, gondola ride, go-kart area, and the Looney Tunes National Park. It is truly a treasure to visit.

Six Flags New England (Massachusetts)

Number of Rides: 56

Thrill Rides: 17 attractions

Family & Kid Rides: 22 attractions

Most Notable Attraction: The world’s tallest ride, The Sky Screamer is located here. Lifting guests 400 feet into the air and swinging guests around at 35 miles per hour. Guests afraid of heights or that get motion sick should definitely not ride!

Adult rides are themed after Batman & Harley Quinn while kid and family rides feature Daffy Duck and Tweety Bird.

There are over 35 different locations to grab a bite to eat. With plenty of shopping and live entertainment options, a family of thrill seekers could definitely spend the day here.

The Holiday season is a great time to visit as well with the largest haunt event in New England.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (California)

Located in Northern California, this theme park doesn’t just have rides, but also features animal attractions, wildlife presentations, and shows!

Number of Rides 38

Thrill Rides 8

Family and Kid Attractions 30

Most Notable Attraction: The Batman provides a unique ride for guests in this one-of-a-kind onboard magnetic technology that gives guests a feeling of weightlessness in their 4D wing vehicles. Standing at 120 feet tall, the elevator-style chain link lift, and two beyond 90-degree drops make you feel like you are flying through the air, or maybe falling.

While the park offers some great thrills, this park is also great for families due to the overwhelming amount of kid-friendly rides and animal experiences. There are 32 eating areas and 15 different shopping locations to partake in as well.

Six Flags Frontier City (Oklahoma)

Six Flags Frontier City is a western-themed park that appeals to adults and kids alike.

Number of Rides 29

Thrill Rides 6

Family and Kid Attractions 23

Most Notable Attraction: The Diamondback is Frontier City’s feature attraction. A snake-themed attraction will have you slithering quickly through the steel track forwards and backwards, including that incredible loop.

Six Flags locations

With a stunt show, magic experiences to watch, and stories to be told, this theme park packs in the entertainment factor. Don’t forget to visit in the fall for the spooky themed attractions and shows as well.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

You get the best of both worlds when visiting Six Flags Fiesta Texas, an amusement park and the Hurricane Harbor San Antonio water park on the same property. With 7 total theme park areas, including the Thrill Seeker Park section, there is plenty of rides to make everyone happy. The water park is a great place to cool off as well after a long day getting an adrenaline rush.

Six Flags locations

Number of Rides 44

Thrill Rides 13

Family and Kid Attractions 31

Most Notable Attraction: Scream! Is aptly named for how you will feel on this constant free falling attraction. With three different methods of movement: Space Shot blasts you nearly instantly to the top, then you bounce your way back down. Turbo Drop slowly lifts you inch by terrifying inch to the top. then you plummet, or Combo mode the best of both methods, you are sure to scream at some point.

Six Flags St. Louis (Missouri)

Six Flags St. Louis is another location that features animal attractions and kid friendly rides. It is also known as the coaster capital of Missouri, so you will still be able to get your thrills!

Number of Rides 34

Thrill Rides 12

Family and Kid Attractions 19

Most Notable Attraction: CATWOMAN Whip will whip guests 16 stories into the ari, spinning around in a giant vertical circle. The open-air pods also flip guests head over heels which can only be described.

Shopping, games, dining, and theaters round out this park for an unforgettable thrilling experience.

Six Flags America (Maryland)

The list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Six Flags America, the theme park located in the Nation’s Capital.

Number of Rides 30

Thrill Rides 10

Family and Kid Attractions 20

Most Notable Attraction: Maryland’s only floorless roller coaster is Firebird. Top speeds of 56 mph along a 2,900-foot track, Firebird takes riders on a 9-story drop followed by two inversions, carousel and corkscrew turns, a twisted airtime hill, and a figure-eight finale for the ultimate thrill experience.

Six Flags locations

With Hurricane Harbor Maryland at this Six Flags’ location, you also get 16 water wides included in your planned day. Shopping, dining, and entertainment will complete this park experience and make it an unforgettable day.

Six Flags Water Park Locations

There are 11 total Water Park locations in the United States that Six Flags owns.

Six Flags White Water

  • Found at Six Flags Over Georgia & the only park not to have harbor in the name due to the acquisition from Herschend in the 1990s
  • 20 attractions
  • Activity Pool
  • Wave Pool
  • Kids Play Area
  • One of the largest interactive water playgrounds in the world
  • Tube and body slides

Hurricane Harbor Chicago

  • Found at Six Flags Great America
  • 25 different attractions
  • Tallest water coaster in the world
  • Lazy River
  • Children’s Play Area
  • Multiple Water Slides

Water Park

Hurricane Harbor Rockford

  • Located about an hour away from Six Flags Great America
  • One of the newer Six Flag water park locations
  • Many Kid Oriented park features
  • Lazy River

Hurricane Harbor Arlington

  • Located near Six Flags Over Texas
  • Largest outdoor water park in North Texas
  • Great mix of adrenaline and relaxation
  • Slides
  • Lazy river
  • Wave simulations
  • Tree houses
  • Beaches

Hurricane Harbor Splashtown

  • Located in Houston, Texas
  • Surrounded by woods
  • Innovative Surfing Experience
  • Pools, lagoons, chutes, and slides

Water Park

Hurricane Harbor Los Angeles

  • Located next to Six Flags Magic Mountain
  • 2 of the tallest fully enclosed water slides in Southern California
  • Wave Pool
  • 1300- foot lazy river
  • Family rafts
  • Children’s play area

Hurricane Harbor New Jersey

  • Located next to Six Flags Great Adventure
  • Wave pool
  • 5 story high slides
  • Children’s area
  • Lazy River

Hurricane Harbor New England

  • Located next to Six Flags New England
  • 1,000 ft long lazy river
  • Wave pool
  • Body Slides & Tube Slides
  • Children’s play areas
  • Closes for the Winter

Hurricane Harbor Oklahoma

  • Located about 20 minutes from Frontier City
  • 14 different water slides
  • Lazy River
  • Wave Pool

Six Flags locations

Hurricane Harbor Phoenix

  • The only Six Flags park in Arizona
  • 2 Pools including a 42,000 square foot expansion with a giant activity pool!
  • 7 Water Slides
  • 3 Children’s Areas
  • Open March – October

Hurricane Harbor Concord

  • Located 25 minutes away from Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
  • Features 25 water slides
  • A wave pool
  • Kids play area
  • Raft slides
  • Body slides

While not all of the Six Flags locations are open year-round, many of them when they are closed for the fall and winter will feature specialty holiday events. It is always worthwhile to check out the nearest Six Flags location to see what fun thrilling adventures you can partake in on your next family vacation.

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