How to dress in Disney World at Christmas!

Written by: DizBuzz

Christmas time is the most popular event at Walt Disney World.  Crowds will be over capacity, Christmas cheer will be at an epic high, and the magic will be better than ever (See 7 Ways to Enhance the Magic by Giving Back).  Many people will be flocking to Florida in December for the first time.

It can be challenging to decide what to pack if you have never been there in December.  Most people assume that Florida is always hot, but that is not the case.  On the other hand, you might have some very warm even hot days when you are there.  You have to be prepared for any occasion.

That may seem overwhelming but with these few tips, you can be the master of most situations.

  • Pack clothes that you can layer.  Wear short things like short sleeve shirts with a sweater or sweatshirt.  The mornings and evenings will probably be cool & maybe even cold, while it might get warm in the daytime.
  • Bring cold gear.  Do bring hats, gloves, a scarf, and a coat.  You may not need them, but better to have them on hand than to be scrambling for them in Florida.  There is nothing worse than being too cold at a theme park.  Outdoor rides make it even colder with the wind hitting your face.
  • Bring hot gear.  You might not need it, but it doesn't hurt to pack a pair of capris or light pants in case it does get hot.
  • Check the weather everyday.  This way you can plan what you will need to bring.  If it is an exceptionally warm day you can ditch the gloves & coat, but if you see that it will get cold later in the night keep a coat on hand unless you will be going back to your room.
  • Do bring a swimsuit.  It might only get warm enough to swim once or twice, or it might never get warm enough.  The pools are heated, and you never know if you might want to take a dip.
  • Know yourself.  If you tend to be cold bring warmer clothes, and if you are always hot, dress lighter.  It is still smart to prepare for the worst though.
  • Bring rain gear.  Like always I say bring your own ponchos.  Much cheaper to have them in advance than to buy them at Walt Disney World.  Plus, pro tip, save the receipt.  If you don't use them, return them.

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