Inside EPCOT’s Space 220 Restaurant – You Could Easily Miss This Space-Themed Restaurant

Dining at a Walt Disney World table service restaurant is usually as much a themed experience as it is a chance to enjoy a meal, and eating at EPCOT’s Space 220 is certainly a unique one.

What is Space 220 Restaurant at Epcot?

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Part mini theme park attraction, part upscale culinary locale, this inventive addition to the Mission: Space Pavilion does with space what Coral Reef does with the ocean, only better. In addition to a glowing panorama of celestial wonder to gaze upon while savoring two courses of modern American cuisine from a prix-fixe menu, Space 220 offers guests a “ride” in its virtual space elevator to the Centauri Space Station, suspended 220 miles above the Earth’s surface. It’s this commitment to the illusion of space tourism that takes the immersive restaurant to the next level and makes it a truly special, one-of-a-kind place to visit at Disney World.

We’ll take you inside the restaurant for a look at the “Stellarvator,” the dining area view of Earth from above, some select menu items, and more!


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Nestled next to Mission: Space along the righthand exterior corridor of Planetary Plaza, Space 220 fits right in with its astronomical surroundings. After a tour of the Galaxarium at the nearby Wonders of Xandar pavilion, a subsequent mind-blowing whirl through Guardians of the Galaxy – Cosmic Rewind, and an intense NASA inspired flight simulation to Mars or a gentler orbit around the Earth on Mission: Space, a peaceful meal in the ambient light of outer space is the perfect culmination to your time spent exploring the universe in the World Discovery area of EPCOT.

Entering Space 220

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There is a host stand near the entrance to the restaurant, and a cast member will likely meet you here to check your advanced dining reservation and usher you to the sliding doors situated in an alcove to the far right of the Mission:Space pavillion. Another cast member will greet you in this dimly blue-lit area to check you in and give you a boarding pass for your simulated journey to the space station above.

“The Stellarvator”

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When your reservation time comes, you'll be escorted into an enclosed circular room with a similar glowing blue aesthetic, and you and your party will stand along the railing for a view of the windows (screens) above and below.

Through the viewing portal overhead, you'll see the Centauri Space Station rapidly approaching as you exit the Earth's atmosphere. Below, you can watch EPCOT, Walt Disney World, and the state of Florida disappear through the clouds as you make your “ascent” to the dining room. To maintain realism, the scenes will vary according to the weather or time of day.

It's a brief, mildly thrilling moment but a fairly convincing one that helps guests to disconnect from the environment in the park they just left and feel as if they're actually emerging into an otherworldly place.

“The Grow Zone” Produce Wheel

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After you exit the “elevator,” you'll follow an arched hallway past a rotating chamber full of colorful leafy vegetables that appears to continue for quite a long way, thanks to the use of a mirrored illusion. The “Grow Zone” is designed to look like the Vegetable Production System (nicknamed Veggie) that NASA developed to provide a sustainable food source as well as a therapeutic activity for astronauts in space. Veggie is currently in use aboard the International Space Station.

The Dining Room

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The peace and calm of outer space will envelop you as you step into the carefully-imagineered dining room façade, featuring the Earth's bright surface under a starry black sky, arched across multiple windows framed in soft florescent light. Since the Centauri space station is supposed to be hovering directly over central Florida, the view of Earth is limited to the portion that contains the continental United States, and just like in the Stellarvator, it reflects changes in the weather.

Watch intently as you dine, and you'll see astronauts appear along the expanse, conversing in sign language or dueling with light-sabers. You might also catch a glimpse of satellites with solar panels or even an elusive space dog or two floating above the stratosphere.

Place Settings

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I have to remark upon the table settings, because the sleek not-quite-black tables and chairs, dark tinted glasses, black napkins, and heavy black satin flatware add a significant degree of sophistication and intrigue to the Space 220 aesthetic.

The Menu

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With “lift-offs” (appetizers) like Big Bang Burrata, Starry Calamari, and Blue Moon Cauliflower, it's obvious the menu items compliment the theming and atmosphere. Star Courses (entrees) include edgy takes on contemporary American fare, like Steak & Frites with a “coffee space rub” and a chimichurri sauce for dipping and Galactic Miso Salmon presented under a glass dome filled with smoke, which the server then removes to great effect.

Drinks like the Black Hole Fashioned—which glows purple and comes with a foggy citrus infusion from the “flavor blaster”—feature dramatic presentation as well. A carrot cake with cream cheese, candied walnuts, and toasted pepitas and a citrus yogurt mousse with yuzu sauce, blackberry-basil gel, and black sesame crumble dubbed the Ursa Minor are just a couple of the desserts available.

The Minutia

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Creative signage in the restrooms only adds to the impression of being in space and the kinds of practical issues humans might encounter while visiting the cosmos.

Collectible Trading Cards

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If you purchase a kids meal or a zero proof cocktail at Space 220, you'll leave with a unique souvenir. Each free set of collectible Space 220 trading cards features original artwork on the front and engaging space-themed facts on the back.

Space 220 Lounge

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For a more casual experience at this location, consider trying the Space 220 Lounge for drinks from the bar and select “Flight Bites,” like Astro Deviled Eggs and Chicken on Waffle, without the prix fixe cost. Reservations are available, but guests over age 21 can also wait in the stand by line to ride the Stellarvator up to the bar for casual dining in space.

With so many quality dining options at Walt Disney World, choosing the ones you want to experience on your trip can be an overwhelming task. Our guides and reviews can help you narrow down your priorities so you'll be ready to make your advanced dining reservations when your 60 day window opens.

Know that for guests staying onsite at Walt Disney World, you can book dining reservations for every day of your visit when you are 60 days away from the first day of your trip, meaning that Space 220 books up with on-site guests when the slots become available. Your best chance of securing a Space 220 reservation is to stay at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel and be online at 5:45 am 60 days before your vacation. Plan to book for the end of your trip, as the further out you book, the more likely reservations will be open for popular restaurants.

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