Disneyland in June 2023: Everything You Need to Know About Weather, Crowds, Events

Disneyland in June officially kicks off the first month of summer which usually means longer hours, more entertainment and great summer weather.

Everyone has personal preferences to consider when planning the date of their Disneyland trip- each season will have its pros and cons and guests' choices will vary based on those. Make sure to read our Disneyland crowd calendar to get an idea of what to expect when picking a date to visit Disneyland.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about visiting Disneyland in June including current events, what weather to expect, crowd level predictions, and what to pack!

Disneyland Events in Junefanatsmic dining package

These are all the new events and openings you can expect during your visit to Disneyland in June!

Grad Nites

Grad Nites is a celebration hosted by Disneyland for the local graduating high school students. These events can draw big crowds of high school aged students to Disneyland and California Adventure may close early for these parties. This year's Grad Nites take place:

  • June 2, 4, 7, 9, 14, 16


The Disney100 is taking place all yearto celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Walt Disney company. The celebration includes a brand new World of Color and fireworks show in honor of the anniversary plus the Magic Happens parade.

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Disneyland in June Pros Grizzly River Rapids aerial view

Disneyland in the summer is a great time to visit because the parks offer more entertainment, longer hours and rarely any of the rides are experiencing refurbishments. These are all some of the biggest pros of visiting Disneyland in June as you get to experience all the perks of the summer months.

The weather will be warm but not as hot as it can get later in the year which is also a great perk of visiting this time of the year. Summer vacations make for great memories whether you're spending a warm day at Disneyland, enjoying your hotel or taking a trip to the beach.

Disneyland in June Cons

June can be a busy time of the year to visit since summer at Disneyland can be a popular option for many families. Local area schools are out of summer break along with most schools in the country so the influx of travelers to Disneyland will increase. Weekdays or weekends may not matter much in terms of crowd levels as most days will likely have similar amounts of people visiting.

If you visit earlier in the month of June you may experience lower crowds than if you visit towards the end of the month so if you're worried about crowd levels that is also something to consider.

What is the Weather Like in Disneyland in June?Close up of a clock inside California Adventure

The weather for Disneyland begins to warm up as the average high temperature reaches 81 degrees with an average low temperature of 61 degrees.

The humidity levels increase to around 70% this time of year creating an effect known by the locals as June Gloom. In the mornings it is possible to see more clouds and fog creating that gloom effect which typically burns out by the afternoon.

Despite the possible impact of gloomy mornings, the days will be longer with the longest days in June averaging around 14 and a half hours.

What to Wear to Disneyland in June?

You should plan for warm weather when visiting Disneyland in June so pack clothes that you feel comfortable in with warm weather. Consider the possible impact of the June Gloom in the mornings which may make the parks feel chilly first thing in the day. Always bring a lightweight hoodie or jacket with you for the early mornings and evenings. The humidity can get chilly when the sun isn't high.

You will see some scattered days where the temperature will get above the average high so pack for hot weather so you're prepared in case the weather gets hot on your trip. Bring clothes that are comfortable for hot weather, sunscreen, swimsuits, etc.

I recommend reading through our massive Disneyland packing list so you don't forget anything you may need on your trip.

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