10 Disney Costumes You Should Rock this Halloween

Halloween is coming up fast! Whether you're attending the Oogie Boogie Bash this year at Disney California Adventure or have your own Halloween celebrations to go to, nothing says fun like a Disney-inspired costume. We have compiled some great ideas for Disney park inspired and Disney movie themed costumes you should rock this Halloween!

Disney Villain

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If you're looking to have fun with Disney villains, there are so many awesome options to chose from. You can find a range of costumes from our favorite Disney villains and plenty of cosplay designers also selling higher quality outfits to fit your needs. Don't forget Gaston!

Skipper from the Jungle Cruise

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Another fun Disney inspired costume would be to dress in style with the Disney Skippers in mind! Make sure you have all your one-liners ready to go, as that's a central part to this iconic role.

Disney Princess

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Who wouldn't want to be a Disney princess?? Luckily, it's easier than ever to find great Princess costumes. One tip if you're looking for higher quality attire: try searching for ‘cosplay Disney princess' costumes. You'll find plenty of great handmade dresses and accessories beyond the simple dresses on Amazon. If you go with the simpler costume route, consider adding a petticoat underneath the dress to give it that Princess bounce.

Haunted Mansion Ghosts

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There are so many great ghosts to chose from to pay homage to this beloved attraction celebrating it's 50th anniversary! You could be Constance the Bride, Sally Slater the Ballerina, the Hat Box ghost, and many more ghostly inspired characters. You can even find plenty of Haunted Mansion inspired clothes on Etsy to really go all out with this outfit.

Indiana Jones

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Indiana Jones makes for a great costume choice for adults and kids alike due to its simplicity. You can easily find most of the props on Amazon and the clothes at a local Goodwill to put together a great costume.

Pirates of the Caribbean Inspired

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Pirates of the Caribbean offers a great number of costume options that can all be tailored to be a bit more Disney and less of just a ‘general' pirate. Ladies and girls can enjoy dressing up as Redd the Pirate and most Disney fans will recognize the outfit immediately. Jack Sparrow is another obvious choice along with specific pirates inside the Disney Parks attraction.

Star Wars Characters

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Of course, we always have the classic Star Wars characters to pick from, but considering the vast size of the Star Wars universe, there's actually a huge selection of side characters to pick from as well. You can piece together many of these costumes yourself by ‘Disney bounding' like the above or turn to Etsy!

Marvel Characters

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There are many great Marvel characters to dress up as for Halloween for men and women to pick from. This is also a great way to coordinate a group outfit with so many different options. You can find plenty of great costumes for Marvel characters on Amazon, and like always, search for those cosplay pieces online to upgrade that quality!

Pixar Movie Characters

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Many of the Pixar characters really have simple outfits making them great choices for Halloween costumes. The Incredibles and the Inside Out characters are perfect for a family group costume!

Classic Disney Characters

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You can't forget the classics! Mickey and Minnie Mouse are also great costume options and there's plenty of fun ways to dress up.

What do you want to be for Halloween this year?

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