Club 33- Exclusive Disneyland Club History, Inside Look, Photo Tour

Club 33 is one of the most elusive and secret locations at the Disneyland Resort. Most guests walk past it every day without ever knowing it's there or what's behind that famous door located in New Orleans Square.

Only Disneyland Club 33 and their invited guests can visit Club 33, it is not open to the general public, so there’s definitely an air of mystery surrounding it which has fascinated guests for years.

In our guide to Club 33, we share how to join the private club, how much Club 33 costs, the history of the club, and photos from inside this exclusive Disneyland establishment.

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What is Club 33? How Do I join Club 33 at Disneyland?

Club 33 is a private Disneyland club which opened in 1967 and was the first location in Disneyland to serve alcohol. Club 33 is named after its address at 33 Royal Street in New Orleans Square at Disneyland. Walt Disney designed the idea from the VIP lounges he experienced at the World Fair so that way Disneyland would have its own VIP lounge.

Club 33 is located in New Orleans Square and consists of a fine restaurant, private lounge, and a great view of Fantasmic! from the balconies above the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.

How do I get on the waitlist at Club 33 at Disneyland?

The waiting lists for Club 33 are at an average of about four years or more. Potential Club 33 members need to send a letter to the below address requesting to be added to the club waiting list. Calling Club 33 to ask where you are on the list is frowned upon. Remember: this is a class act establishment!

Unfortunately, it's not an easy task to become a member and the waiting list hasn't been opened in years. It is a lengthy, expensive, and exclusive process to join. You can give it a shot and write a letter to try to get on the waiting list:

Club 33
Wait List Information
1313 Harbor Blvd
Anaheim, CA 9280

When the wait list is open, they will add you to the wait list but the wait list hasn't been open in a few years. Even if you do manage to get on the waiting list, you could wait years and years before you're contacted for an open spot. The last known reported length of time for the waiting list averaged at about 14 years! And it's frowned upon to call the club to ask where you are on the list- remember, this is a classy establishment! It's an honor to be invited to join and not something you can demand.

According to recent information from Club 33 members, most new members have to be invited or recommended by current members. It's no easy feat to get accepted into Club 33!

How much does Club 33 at Disneyland cost?

The most recent known price for membership estimated the annual dues for Club 33 at Disneyland are $10,000 and the initiation charge at $30,000. And there are different levels of membership. The more you pay, the more perks you receive. But even at the lowest level of membership Club 33 members receive Annual Passes, tickets for family and friends, a number of ride access passes for the year, and front row seating to Disneyland entertainment.

Fun fact: on a recent visit to Disneyland for the holiday season, we were given a few leftover Fastpasses from Club 33 members when we were sitting inside the Grand Californian. We felt like VIPs as we redeemed these FastPasses at the parks!

Is a Disneyland Club 33 membership worth it?

To the most avid Disney fans, the answer may be a hearty YES! For the average park goer, it probably isn't. Club 33 does offer VIP treatment with a number of perks in addition to access to the premiere club and that alone makes it worth it for some folks.

Club 33 is known for having high profile members like Elton John, Tom Hanks and Christina Aguilera which gives you an idea of the exclusivity and price of a membership.

Can I get in to Club 33 if I'm not a member?

The only way to gain entrance is to be invited as a guest by a current Club 33 member. You will be allowed to dine in the restaurant, hang out in the lounge, purchase merchandise (a dream come true right there!) and enjoy the lobby.

Club 33 has some extensive etiquette so if you're lucky enough to receive an invite to dinner you will likely get a lesson in what's expected of you during your visit. The behavior of guests of Club 33 members reflect on them so it's important to follow all the rules.

What are the rules of Club 33? 

The biggest rule is one that should be expected of any luxury establishment: guests must conduct themselves properly. No lewd conduct, inappropriate attire, solicitation, profanity are not allowed on premises. This also means using your best manners such as abiding by the rule regarding answering phone calls only in the hallways and not in the dining area.

There is also a dress code for attending- especially for dinner, similar to what you might expect at the Disney signature restaurants, so you should plan to dress nicely. Think dresses or slacks with a blouse for women and collared shirts and dress pants for men. If you're visiting the lounge attire is more casual but you will still want to avoid any type of athletic shorts or ripped jeans.

Guests are allowed to take pictures inside but absolutely no video recording is allowed. This is a big rule to be aware of, especially since you are likely going to be eager to document your experience.

Club 33 History and Prestige

The origins of the name of Club 33 have been debated for years but the most common origin for the name comes from the need for Club 33 to have a liquor license. It is required for any CA establishment that serves alcohol to have a physical address so thus the address 33 Royal Street is said to have inspired the name Club 33. Other claims state that the number 33 comes from the number of original Disneyland investors while others state it's because 33 looks like “mm” when titled on the side.

Disneyland's original 33 investor list

Club 33 opened in 1967. Walt Disney was intrigued by the idea of the private lounges created by sponsors of the 1964 New York World's Fair and this is what led to his plan for creating Club 33. This way Disneyland would have its own executive lounge of sorts, a place for the business partners of Walt and other important figures to enjoy the parks in an exclusive space.

Prior to Club 33, Walt Disney hosted his VIP guests in the lounge of the Red Wagon Inn restaurant at Disneyland. Because of the amount of VIPs continued to grow the lounge became too small for Walt to host all his guests. During the planning of New Orleans Square, they also planned the location of Club 33 to become the new VIP lounge. Unfortunately, Walt Disney passed away six months prior to the club's official opening in 1967 so he never got to formally experience Club 33 once it was fully operational. Club 33 opened with the idea of being a place for Disneyland corporate sponsors but individual memberships were also offered which helped paved the path for the “average” person becoming a Disneyland VIP.

The lift before Club 33's remodel

One well-known story about Walt Disney and Club 33 is the inspiration for the French Lift elevator inside the club. When Walt and his wife, Lillian, were spending time in France Walt came across a French Lift that he was drawn to immediately. He offered to purchase the elevator but the hotel declined his offer.

So when Walt returned from their trip, he told the Imagineers to get to work and create and head to the hotel to study the French Lift so they could replicate it inside Club 33. For this reason, the French Lift inside Club 33 is a must for guests to see.

There are other locations of Club 33 that exist at Tokyo Disneyland, Shanghai Disneyland and exists as a lounge in three of the parks at Walt Disney World. Your Club 33 membership is said to only be “valid” at the park you joined but it's likely Club 33 members of one park would have the connections to be invited to other lounges. Disneyland Club 33 members also get access to the 1901 Lounge at Carthay Circle in California Adventure- scroll down for a full tour of this lounge as well!

The Layout of Club 33

When guests first enter Club 33 through its iconic door in New Orleans Square they will enter a small hall to check in for dining reservations.

Entrance- Court of Angels

Upon entering, guests will wait in the Court of Angels which used to be a public space but is now closed to the public.  A few tables and chairs are present for parties who are waiting for their reservation. There are also two angels at the base of the staircase which light the way up the stairs.  

club 33 renovated court of angels stairs

Upstairs Lobby

Guests ascend the stairs into a second reception area. This area includes the merchandise cabinet, a harpsichord, and even the famous turkey vulture who interacts with guests! It's very open and bright with a beautiful chandelier. This is also where you will find the infamous floor with the Club 33 logo. 

Veer towards the left towards Salon Nouveau as guests pass the bathrooms which are ornate and decorated with beautiful features such as their glass cabinets and chandeliers. The first part of the entrance is a wine cellar, holding hundreds of different bottles of wine from all around the world. Each side is a refrigerator as well. Moving on through there are two booths on either side, each with a different New Orleans theme, including Pirates and Haunted Mansion! Then you come into the main room for the lounge.  

Jazz Club Lounge- Salon Nouveau

Salon Nouveau is the Jazz Club inspired by Tiana's Palace, the Jazz Club seen at the end of the Princess and the Frog film. In the photos below you can see in the color scheme and the inspiration in the paintings around the room.  The ceiling was made to look like wood to match the hand carved wood making up the bar. The ceiling also features a beautiful pane of stained glass in the center. There is also a beautiful piano which can live stream concerts from all over the world.  

View of Disneyland from Club 33

Main Dining Room- Le Grand Salon

Le Grand Salon is the main dining room that is entered through the alley with large windows on either side. Le Grand Salon is the main dining room which guests enter through a hallway featuring large windows and murals. The wood floor features a checker board pattern which is common to many restaurants in New Orleans.  

club 33 murals reopened

club 33 murals hallway

club 33 stained glass windows hallway

club 33 disneyland new dining room

club 33 new dining room mark twain painting

The balconies of Club 33 overlooks New Orleans Square and even features a few designated outside tables for guests to enjoy.

new orleans square christmas

new orleans square disneyland from above

new orleans square disneyland christmas

new orleans square disneyland

Disney Artifacts and Antiques

One of the most exciting things about Club 33 for diehard Disney fans are all the artifacts in the club which includes an ornate walnut table that was used in Mary Poppins, a video capture from the same film, a harpsichord which was rumored to be custom built for Lillian Disney.

One of my personal favorites is the animatronic vulture. Before the remodel of Club 33 in 2014, the Club's previous Trophy Room which was outfitted with microphones in lighting fixtures which could pick up the sounds of conversations. The idea was that the animatronics in the room, like the vulture, would respond to the conversations of the guests.

This animatronic vulture now sits on top a grandfather clock in the upstairs lobby and was never used in practice to eavesdrop on people's conversations. That idea was likely scrapped due to privacy concerns for the elite guests. But the famous vulture remains a staple of Club 33.

The Trophy Room

Before Club 33's expansion in 2014, there used to be a room called the Trophy Room full of taxidermy animals and interesting artifacts. This is also where the animatronic vulture lived before the remodel. While the Trophy Room no longer exists at Club 33, we have pictures to honor its 47 year history.

A Glimpse of a Meal 

These dinner pictures are from a few years ago but they give you an inside look at one of the biggest features of Club 33- the five-star dining experience. Dinner is set as 5-6 courses and lunch is 4-5 courses. The menu often features a Southern influence.

club 33 dinner menu

First: Lobster Rockefeller with Oysters and Lemon Hollandaise

club 33 oysters new menu

Second: Summer Corn broth with Tomato Relish, Andouille Sausage and Gulf Shrimp

club 33 summer corn broth new menu

Third: Grilled Diver Scallop, Gulf Shrimp, and Cheese and Grits

club 33 grilled scallop diver new menu

club 33 pallete cleanser new menu

Fourth: Angus Filet Mignon and Hand Scalloped Potatoes

club 33 filet minon new menu

Fifth: Vanilla Creme Brulee 

club 33 flaming creme brule new menu

Club 1901- The Second Club 33 LocationCarthay Circle

In 2012, Club 33 got a second location named Club 1901 after Walt's birth year inside Carthay Circle in Disney’s California Adventure. I was lucky enough to enjoy 1901 on the same day I visited Club 33 in the summer of 2022. The entrance to 1901 is actually right out front o Carthay Circle, you walk by all the time without realizing it's right there!

Here's a photo tour of the inside which is filled with the same nods to Disney history but with a 1930s theme and has a craftsman style.

Club 33 members can retreat to this 1930's craftsman style lounge to escape the hustle and bustle of the parks. This vintage bar and restaurant offers fine cocktails, duck, and lobster to club members only.

According to the Disney announcement at the time this club was inspired by Disney history, “Imagine it’s the 1930s, and this is where the animators would’ve hung out, swapped stories, doodled on napkins,” as 1901 is described by Imagineer Ray Spencer. “This is the place Walt and the animators might’ve chatted, relaxed, unwound . . . a cozy den.”

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