Top Star Wars Land Tips For Disneyland & Disney World

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is the immersive Star Wars-themed land at the Disneyland Resort and Disney's Hollywood Studios in Disney World, featuring food, characters, rides, and experiences inspired by a galaxy far, far away.

Tips for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge in Disneyland & Disney World

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For guests planning their visit to Batuu at Disneyland, we have some Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge tips to ensure you have the best experience. Since Galaxy's Edge is nearly identical at Hollywood Studios and Disneyland, you can utilize most of our planning Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge tips for both resorts!

Use Mobile Ordering

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Using mobile ordering at Disney parks is a no-brainer, but especially so inside Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge! Did you know that you can actually reserve your lunch in the morning so you know it will be ready at a certain time for the food options on Batuu? On busy days, using mobile ordering is a lifesaver for making the most of your time.

Make Reservations for Oga's Cantina and Savi's Workshop

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Oga's Cantina and Savi's Workshop have been extremely popular since their opening, and for this reason, reservations are highly recommended. If you don't have a reservation on the day of your visit and there isn't available space, you won't be able to engage in these experiences. We recommend making advance reservations on the app right when the window opens 60 days before your park visit!

A credit card guarantee is required, and both locations don't allow same-day cancellations. If guests do not show up to Oga's Cantina, they will be charged a $10 per person penalty. If they don't show to Savi's Workshop, the card will be charged a $219.99 per lightsaber penalty. Make sure you're committed to these experiences when you reserve them! For guests that made reservations in advance, you have 24 hours prior to the experience to cancel without a fee.

While making reservations may seem like a hassle at first glance, it is a great way of ensuring your spot for these popular experiences so you can plan your day and not feel like you have to dash there right at opening!

Don't Rope Drop Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

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Don't dash to Batuu right at rope drop! A huge crowd assembles at rope drop for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge every morning. While it seems like a good idea to do this, if you’re not at the very front of this group of people, you will likely end up waiting a long time and missing shorter waits for popular rides at other areas of the park.

We recommend rope dropping other key attractions and coming back in the afternoon once the crowds have moved on. Since so many people rush straight to Batuu, that leaves the other popular rope drop rides a little less crowded.

Know How to Access Rise of the Resistance

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Rise of the Resistance is currently offered via standby and Individual Lightning Lane, which allows guests to skip the line for an additional fee. Once you are in the park, you can access the Individual Lightning Lanes through the Tip Board on the Disney app, and you don’t need to have Genie+ to buy Individual Lightning Lane Entrances.

If Individual Lightning Lanes are currently sold out for an attraction, the option to purchase will be greyed out. The pricing usually ranges between $20-25 per person for Rise of the Resistance, but prices might fluctuate depending on your visit date. If you decide to purchase the Individual Lightning Lane option for this attraction, we recommend utilizing it after the morning so that you make the most of the valuable hours at park opening to ride other popular attractions.

The question of whether or not an Individual Lightning purchase is worth it for Rise of the Resistance is subjective and could depend on the size of your party, as the cost is per person. If you are okay missing an hour or so of park time waiting in line, standby is a good option, whereas those who want immediate access can pay for Individual Lightning Lane.

Disney Bound for Added Fun

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Disney Bounding is a popular way for adults to mimic the outfits of popular Disney characters while still adhering to Disney's “no costumes for anyone 14 years and older” rule. If you search “Disney Bounding” on Pinterest or Instagram, you'll find plenty of examples.

The Disney Parks Blog published an article with tips and advice for Star Wars Disney Bounding so guests can avoid breaking any rules. Disney Bounding can be a great way to immerse yourself in the land and get into the Star Wars spirit!

Take Advantage of Great Photo Ops

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There are plenty of Disney PhotoPass photographers inside Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge ready to take your picture. You can usually find one by the Millennium Falcon and the TIE Fighter. You can even request themed Magic Shots to your photos like porgs, Kowakian monkey lizards, TIE fighters, or X-wings!

Read the Comic to Build Excitement

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Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge has its own comic miniseries, and reading it is a great way to get in the spirit before your visit. The miniseries focuses on Dok-Ondar as one of the new characters you will see on Batuu. It helps tie in all of the new characters and references you will find in the land! Read our full review of the first comic from the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge miniseries.

The comics retail for $3.99 each and can be found (or ordered!) at your local comic book store, select locations in the parks, and online on Marvel's comic store website.

Know the Lingo

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You can read our full list of phrases in our Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge guide. The most common you will hear in the land is “Rising Suns” for good morning, “Rising Moons” for good evening, and “Til the Spire” for farewell. The Cast Members work hard at making this land completely immersive for guests, and using the specific lingo of Batuu is one of the ways they accomplish it.

Another good one to know is “refresher,” which stands for bathroom!

Ride the Falcon More than Once

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The Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run attraction has six available spots with three different roles: pilot, engineer, or gunner. The two pilots work together to fly the ship (including the jump to hyperspace), the gunners fight off enemy ships, and the engineers work to fix any damage taken during the mission.

Each time you ride, you can get a different position or ask other people in your group to trade, so you should definitely fly more than once to experience them all. The ride does offer Single Rider if you want to try to beat the waiting in line!

Use the Disney Parks Play App

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You can find entire devoted fan pages to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, and the amount of cool things fans have discovered using the Disney Parks Play App is truly amazing. You can make steam gush out of the Millennium Falcon, encourage the Dianoga at the water fountain to say hello, and translate the language around the land. You can read all about using the Datapad in the Disney Parks Play app in our Galaxy's Edge guide mentioned previously!

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