Epcot One Day Itinerary

Okay, so you’ve found yourself in Epcot for the day. How will you enjoy the day with such little time? With a bit of help from us, of course! Don’t panic, because I can assure you that you will be able to see and do all of the things that you and your party desire!

Epcot looks like a big and intimidating park, but it is very easy to navigate around. The front section of Epcot features futuristic and worldly-themed attractions and shows. The back half of the park, called ‘World Showcase’, features eleven different pavilions based on countries around the world. The overall theme of Epcot can be described as one world that is always growing and dreaming of the future.

Whether you are six or sixty, there are plenty of things to see and do around the park that everyone can enjoy. Let’s break down the different ways you can spend a singular day in Epcot!

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Breaking Down Epcot: Get to Know the Park

Before you can create an itinerary, you need to get yourself familiar with the park! This will make things easier if you need to zig-zag around the lands throughout the day. Epcot is separated into four ‘worlds’. Each of these sections represents different yet connecting ideas. Each of the attraction offerings shows, or even food and beverage will match the area!

World Celebration:

Dedicated to the idea that guests can enjoy a connection to the world around them, this is the front ‘hub’ of the park. Here, you can find three attractions.

  1. Spaceship Earth. A slow-moving attraction located in the Epcot Ball! This ride is an educational journey on communication through the years.
  2. Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival. This is a 4D movie full of short films! There is also a walkthrough exhibit at the end.
  3. Journey into Imagination with Figment. This is a cute sing-songy attraction featuring everyone’s favorite purple dragon!

epcot in one day

Also available in this area is a popular quick-serve restaurant (Connections Eatery), three gift shops, and a Starbucks. Right between this land and the next is also ‘Club Cool’, a soda-tasting experience with flavors from countries around the world.

World Discovery:

This area is all about the exploration of science, space, and technology. Guests can find three attractions here as well!

  1. Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. Epcot’s newest attraction, is a fast-paced coaster with semi-spinning carts. Guests can also enjoy hearing one of six different songs! Which will you get?
  2. Mission: Space. With two intensity levels, this is a simulation ride of a spaceship. Guests can embark on a NASA-style mission. This ride is definitely not for everyone, so be sure to check out the full ride description on the official website and see if it’s right for you!
  3. Test Track. This is one of my personal favorite attractions at Epcot! Guests can design a digital car and then board their carts and go through different tests to determine who has the best vehicle. Speeds can reach up to just about 65mph, and the height requirement is forty inches.

epcot in one day

One of Epcot’s most popular restaurants/lounges, Space 220, stands tall in this area near Mission:Space. Also residing here is a Joffrey’s coffee hut and the Guardians gift shop! This area is going to be right through the pathway by Club Cool; On the left side of the park before World Showcase begins.

World Nature:

Focusing on our Earth and the animals and plants that inhabit it, World Nature is just so…Refreshing. Here, there are six attractions and shows.

  1. Awesome Planet. This is a ten-minute show located in ‘The Land’ pavilion. It is all about how we can protect the Earth!
  2. Soarin’ Around the World. Board a hang-glider style cart and soar 80 feet in the air while IMAX footage of landmarks plays in front of you! This ride is full of sights, scents, and everything in between!
  3. Living with the Land. This very slow-moving boat ride is extremely educational! Learn about how Cast Members farm, where they keep the fruits and vegetables, and more!
  4. The Seas with Nemo and Friends. Hop into a shell with your best fishy friends for this adorable attraction! This features so many characters from the movie that everyone knows and loves.
  5. Turtle Talk with Crush. This is a show with a similar style to Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor over at Magic Kingdom. Guests can ask Crush different questions and get real answers! No two shows are the same.
  6. SeaBase. Where you find numbers four and five on this list, you can also find this one! SeaBase is the name for the building that the Nemo ride is in. This is because it is an entire aquarium!

epcot in one day

With only one shop in this area, most of what you will find (besides attractions) is food! There is one quick-serve location and two sit-down restaurants here. Sunshine Seasons, Coral Reef Restaurant, and Garden Grill are all great options will ingredients from the Land pavilion used in their dishes!

World Showcase:

Possibly my favorite part of this park, World Showcase offers eleven different ‘countries’ to explore. Eat and drink traditional ethnic dishes, shop for merchandise directly made in that country, and learn about different cultures here! There are nine attractions and shows here, so we’ll sum them up quickly.

  1. Gran Fiesta Tour, a boat ride inside the pyramid in Mexico featuring the Three Caballeros!
  2. Meet Anna and Elsa. At the Norway entrance, stop in and share some hugs with your favorite Frozen friends.
  3. Frozen Ever After, a similar ride style to Pirates of the Caribbean, but with Olaf and pals! Also found in the Norway pavilion.
  4. Reflections of China, a show in the beautiful pavilion that has 360 degrees circle-vision video playing.
  5. The American Adventure, is another educational show in the center of the World Showcase.
  6. Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along. This one is self-explanatory, located in France, and great for littles!
  7. Impressions de France, an eighteen-minute short film in the France pavilion showcasing all about the country.
  8. Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure. A 3D ride where you shrink to the size of a rat and go through the same kitchen Remy cooks in!
  9. Canada Far and Wide is another circle-vision show, lasting around twelve minutes.

There is so much to see and do in World Showcase, with so many food, beverage, and shopping options. That being said, we will surely delve into those more later on.

Getting Tickets and Reserving Passes for One Day in Epcot

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the park and almost everything it has to offer, let’s quickly discuss tickets and reservations.

First and foremost, you and your party all want to have accounts on Disney World’s website. You want at least one person in your party to have the MyDisney Experience app, available on any smartphone or tablet. Here, you can link your entire party together and ensure that all reservations are connected. This is important for dining reservations, Genie+ ride slots, and Individual Lightning Lane purchases. You can always take people off of a reservation for dining or attractions if they don’t want to participate, but you cannot add anyone unless you are all linked together.

One Day Epcot Itineraries…Something for Everyone!

As earlier stated, Epcot is a big park with a lot to see. It is also a very versatile park in what can be accomplished there.

There are thrill-seekers, calm park-goers, Genie+ lovers, foodies, those over twenty-one, and more. Here, we are going to design a one-day itinerary that everyone will love.

Epcot One Day Itinerary: The Thrill-Seekers

So you’re a party that wants to go for the most thrills? Let’s do it!

epcot in one day


Start your day by logging into your MyDisney Experience app. You want to make sure that anyone participating in your day’s events is linked to your account. When staying on the property, you are able to start making Genie+ (if you have purchased it) and Individual Lightning Lane reservations at 7am. I personally don’t think that you need Genie+ for a thrilling day, as there are not as many ‘thrill’ rides compared to some of the other parks. However, I would definitely recommend going onto your app at 7am and purchasing an Individual Lightning Lane for Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. It isn’t always guaranteed that you get a virtual queue spot, so purchasing it is the easiest way to get on!

Since you can pick your return time when purchasing Individual Lightning Lanes, this also makes it easier to plan your day! If you can, try and get something for the early afternoon. That way, your party can rope-drop an attraction and enjoy breakfast. Remember, World Showcase tends to open a bit later than the rest of the park, so try and base the beginning of your day on the other side.

When you arrive at Epcot, rope-drop Test Track. This ride tends to have down times throughout the day and can also accumulate heavy wait times. I recommend using the early entry granted by staying on property and getting in line for this ride first! Once you are done riding, it’s time for breakfast. One place I would surely recommend snagging a reservation for is Garden Grill. Between 8:00am and 10:30am, guests can enjoy a family-style sit down character dining experience! This restaurant is located in The Land pavilion and cost is $42 for adults and $27 per child. Offerings include different breakfast platters, and characters walk around to take pictures!


Once you are done breakfast, head down to Soarin’. Since you are already in The Land, you are right above the attraction queue line and will be able to jump in. I will say, this ride almost always has a lower wait time than what is posted. Plus, if you have the Play Disney app, there is a play-along quiz game in the line!

After Soarin’, head back towards the Test Track area and get in line for Mission: Space. Do not go into the green side. For a thrilling experience, you want to get into the queue line for the orange side! Here, you will embark on a mission to Mars where you experience G-force and crazy tilts and turns. Because of the intensity of this experience, the minimum height requirement is 44″. By the time you leave this attraction, you will most likely be at the time you reserved for Guardians!

After these rides, you have pretty much completed the really thrilling attractions, but there are still a few I would consider a thrill ride for some!

From World Discovery, head into World Showcase, starting at the Mexico side. Bypass this beautifully constructed pavilion and head right into Norway. Hop in line for Frozen Ever After! This ride is a similar layout to Pirates of the Caribbean and is super fun with everyone’s favorite Frozen songs.


Now like I said earlier, when visiting Epcot, plan to walk around a ton. This includes when you are finding lunch for you and your party. There are so many great places to eat in Epcot at any time of year, especially when festivals are going on.

My recommendation for lunch would be a quick-service restaurant. You can do whatever your party desires, but I definitely think that morning and night table services are great to do in Epcot while keeping lunch light. I would recommend zooming back over to World Celebration and enjoying some of the delicious food that Connections Eatery has to offer.

Not only is the inside of this restaurant high-tech and gorgeous in layout but also, the food is amazing. Entrees for adults range from $10.59-$13.79. There are several types of pizza, salads, and burgers. They even offer a plant-based pizza! There are four kid’s meal offerings including pizza or a grilled chicken bao for $7.79, or even chicken strips or a cheeseburger for $8.49.

Other offerings include sides, milkshakes, and more. Connections Eatery is known for having various types of leige waffles throughout each season. Currently, they are offering their leige waffle with strawberries and whipped cream for $5.49 and their Orange Bird leige waffle for $4.19.

This eatery is quick, convenient, and delicious. I would for sure recommend doing lunch here.


After lunch, take this time to explore! Do the filler attractions, do some shopping, etc. By early evening, head back to the France pavilion and get in line for Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure. This line can get a bit lengthy, so be prepared! The ride track is similar to Runaway Railway and Rise of the Resistance in Hollywood Studios. It is fun for all ages, taking you around spins and 4D images!

My dinner recommendation would be Via Napoli in the Italy pavilion. If you can manage to snag these reservations, be very glad. The food is amazing, high quality, and big portions. The Italian cuisine here is nothing shy of hearty and delicious. Various pizzas, pastas, and more are on the menu and prices are in the $20-$30 range per entree. One large pizza can serve so many people, so expect to leave with a to-go box.

Once the sun has set, grab a spot around the World Showcase lagoon for the nighttime spectacular ‘Epcot Forever’. This 14 minute show honors all things Epcot with sights, sounds, and of course, fireworks! This show is temporary and is a replacement for the widely-loved show ‘Harmonious’. My favorite spot to sit and watch is right by the Canada Pavilion!

Epcot One Day Itinerary: The See-All’s

This is for the vacationers who want to see and do the most with their singular day. For this one, I would surely purchase Genie+.

epcot in one day


You’re going to want to get up early for this one! I would recommend getting up at 5am and purchasing Genie+ for you and your party. Even if you go back to sleep for a while, assure that everyone is linked and has the add-on so that reservations can be made at 7am. Like stated earlier, you will certainly need the MyDisney Experience app to do this. At 7am sharp, you want to buy an Individual Lightning Lane for Guardians. Make sure everyone who is interested in riding is linked to your account and is under said reservation! Again, Guardians is hard to get a queue for sometimes, so pick a mid-morning return time and just purchase the I.L.L!

At 7am, you can also make your first Genie+ ride reservation. I would recommend reserving either Test Track, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, or Frozen Ever After as your first choice. Plan on rope-dropping one of the ones that you do not get a reservation for.  Get to the park for early entry and immediately rope-drop. If you choose Test Track, head toward World Discovery. For Frozen Ever After, head toward the Mexico side of World Showcase. And if you choose Remy’s, head toward the Canada side of World Showcase.

After your first Lightning Lane selection, you have to wait 120 minutes until your next one. With that being said, grab a quick bite for breakfast after rope-dropping your first attraction while your window dwindles! To try and see everything, I wouldn’t stop for a dining reservation until dinner. There are so many good quick-serve dining places!

Connections Cafe in World Celebration is a standard Starbucks with great morning selections! If you decide to rope-drop Test Track, I would recommend dining here.

If you plan on hitting Remy’s first, try Crêpes À Emporter by La Crêperie de Paris. They open at 9am and there are various yummy offerings all for around $10!

If you’d like to visit Frozen Ever After first, stop into Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe. They offer sweet and savory pastries for around $5 each.


After grabbing a quick bite, you should be at the time when you can make a new Genie+ reservation. I would recommend going for Soarin’. This ride can see long waits sometimes, so try snagging a reservation just in case! After scanning into Soarin’s Genie+ line, grab another reservation; This time for The Seas with Nemo and Friends. Once finished with Soarin’, hop in line for Living with the Land. Since this ride is not as popular as others, it tends to be a walk-on. Get it over with while you’re already in this pavilion. I would skip out on the Awesome Planet show here. It is educational and neat, but it does take up unnecessary time. Try to keep yourself moving!

Head over to The Seas. Scan in and board the ride! Try and grab a reservation for Mission: Space when scanned in. I will say, definitely take the time to make a lap around the aquarium at the Nemo ride. It is adorable and super cool! I would definitely skip Turtle Talk with Crush unless the littles want to do it!

After finishing up at The Seas, you have now fully completed the attractions in World Nature. Head to your Mission: Space reservation and after that, your Guardians callback time should be just about ready. Enjoy your spin-tacular ride on Guardians and then you’ve most likely completed everything in World Discovery.

To finish out the front of the Park, grab a Genie+ reservation for Spaceship Earth. This line moves quick and it’s not really necessary to secure a spot, but you might as well get your Genie+ money’s worth! While waiting for that reservation, hop on Journey into Imagination and enjoy everyone’s favorite purple dragon. On your way to World Showcase, be sure to stop into Club Cool and taste varying sodas from around the world! You do not want to miss that.

Now…Get ready for a great lunch and eleven countries!


Feel free to eat wherever your heart desires, but let me give you my recommendations!

In Mexico, La Cantina De San Angel offers so many great dishes. This is the restaurant on your right when entering Mexico from Port of Entry. It is not the restaurant in the pyramid. Entrees include tacos, nachos, bowls, and more. Everything is around $15 or less and is truly delicious.

In Japan toward the back of the pavilion is Katsura Grill. They offer various entrees, sushi rolls, noodle dishes, and then some! The cost to dine here is light on the wallet, with dishes being priced at no more than $20.

And finally, in America stands Regal Eagle Smokehouse. Enjoy yummy offerings of traditional barbecue fare that will not put much of a dent in your daily spending! The food here is filling, inexpensive, and delicious.

While enjoying your meal, try and grab a Genie+ for anything you might not have been able to! Even if it is later in the day, you can still make use of it.


After lunch, take some time exploring, snacking, and shopping around the countries. My favorite way to go around is starting in Mexico and ending in Canada, but I usually wind up crossing back between countries several times! Be sure to stop into the Mexico pavilion and ride Gran Fiesta Tour. The wait is usually never wrong and the ride is always fun. If you have extra time, some countries (China, America, France, and Canada) have educational shows that run in the pavilions! Check them out for interesting facts that you might not have known. If you see any characters out, be sure to say hello! Not all of the characters have listings on the MyDisney Experience app, so you might have to stake them out yourself. Typically, these characters are found in specific places:

  • Donald Duck in Mexico
  • Anna and Elsa in Norway
  • Mulan in China
  • Snow White in Germany
  • Jasmine in Morocco
  • Belle in France
  • Aurora in France
  • Daisy Duck between France and the UK
  • Alice or Mary Poppins in the UK
  • Pluto, Minnie, and/or Goofy at the front of the park
  • Winnie the Pooh next to Journey into Imagination
  • Mickey Mouse inside the Magic Eye Theater
  • Vanellope Von Schweetz and Joy in the Imagination Pavilion (Near Journey into Imagination)

Any time you find a character, definitely stop to meet them! Times vary as well as availability of said characters.

When it is time for dinner, there are so many amazing places to dine. I would recommend using your 60 day pre-trip window to reserve Teppan Edo in Japan for a hibachi experience, Space 220 in World Discovery for out-of-this-world dining, or Le Cellier Steakhouse in Canada for a traditional steak dinner. All of these are wonderful suggestions with varying vibes that are well fit for everyone. For a full list of dining, click here to see Disney World’s official website.

After dinner, be sure to secure a spot to sit and watch Epcot Forever. I would definitely not miss this! If Epcot continues to be open after the fireworks are over, feel free to do filler things that you didn’t immediately do during the day!

Epcot One Day Itinerary: The Foodies, The Childless, and Those Over 21…Oh My!

So you’re like me! Over 21 with the world (and cuisine) ahead of you. You’ve got your significant other, your best friend, or even your parent by your side and you’re ready to go! If you decided to leave the kids (if you’ve got them) with a sitter and take some you time, here’s your kind of day!

[Remember, food selections will definitely change if a festival is going on!]


As stated above, have your MyDisney Experience app downloaded and ready to use. At 7am, you can try for the Guardians virtual queue. Since your day will mostly be surrounded by eating and drinking, it won’t matter what callback time you get! If you are unable to get a virtual queue, then feel free to go for buying an Individual Lightning Lane for the (available) time of your choosing. I don’t feel that Genie+ is necessary for this type of day, but do what fits your party best!

Now, World Showcase opens later than the rest of the park which is where most of your eating and drinking will take place. Since that is your main focus, you definitely do not have to guarantee that you are at the park the minute it opens. With that being said, my breakfast recommendation for this type of day would actually be outside of the park!

I would recommend Cape May Cafe over at Disney’s Beach Club Resort for a lovely breakfast. Reservations can be made starting at 60 days before your trip, and there are early times if you do want to still get to the park for opening. Disney’s Beach Club is just a stone’s throw away from Epcot which makes this super convenient. Breakfast is buffet style, costing $45 for adults and $29 for children. Also, the characters at the breakfast are an added bonus! Cape May Cafe offers a great selection of things like eggs, bacon, waffles, fruits, and more. They also have amazing salted caramel pull apart bread served with a vanilla cream sauce. I personally loved my visit to this spot. Take your time enjoying a hearty breakfast and then use the International Gateway entrance to Epcot when you’re ready to head into the park!

Pass by World Showcase; we’re not ready for that yet. Head over to World Nature and hop in line for Soarin’. If your party wants any drinks early on, then head to Sunshine Seasons in The Land. They offer various beers, wines, and seltzer. Prices for alcoholic beverages here run from around $8-$10.

I would skip over the rest of World Nature unless you wind up having extra time, so head to Spaceship Earth. For me, this is a must-see classic attraction no matter what kind of day you plan on having. Once exiting, there’s a great photo opportunity right outside of the building! Better known as the ‘Bubblegum Wall’, this is a multi-striped wall that serves as a great background for any picture. Snap some pictures here and then keep moving!


If you managed to get a Guardians boarding group or chose to purchase it, you should be getting called relatively soon! Head to World Discovery and enjoy the ride. If the wait is on the shorter side, try to follow up and get on Test Track! I would not recommend riding Mission: Space. Sometimes this ride can cause nausea, dizziness, or headaches. When planning on eating and drinking all day, you definitely don’t want to start by feeling ill from an attraction.

After that, head on to World Showcase. From here, you can eat and drink to your heart’s desires. Everyone’s palette is different, but I want to shout out my favorite foods and beverages in each pavilion!

Mexico Pavilion

Go into the pyramid, down the ramp, and walk toward your right. Here, you will find La Cava del Tequila. This is an insanely popular drinking spot in Epcot! They offer signature margaritas, tequila flights, and light snacks! My favorite offering is the Blood Orange margarita for $17.

Take some time to admire the fine art, the trinkets, and just the environment itself! If you feel like it, hop onto Gran Fiesta Tour for a fun boat ride.

A light go-to snack in the Mexico Pavilion is the Elote for $8 at Choza de Margarita when you exit the pyramid. You cannot go wrong with corn, cheese, and spice. If you don’t feel like going into La Cava, the margaritas here are really great as well!

Norway Pavilion

Both the drink and snack I would recommend comes from the same place! Head into the Kringle Bakeri Og Kafe for some yummy delights. The Lefse is $3.29 and is a pastry dough rolled with cinnamon and butter. It’s not too sweet and it is easy to enjoy. My second recommendation would be the Troll Horn. It is a pastry cone covered in raw sugar and filled with vanilla cream. As of right now, it cannot be found on the menu, so be sure to look and see if it’s available when you plan on visiting!

Now, when it comes to drinking in Norway, a lot of people would recommend the Viking Coffee ($14.50) as their alcoholic drink of choice. I think this is a great option, especially because I love coffee, but not everyone does! I would actually recommend trying one of the beers offered at the bakery! They’re $11.25 and there are three to choose from.

While you’re in this pavilion, you can definitely jump into the line for Frozen Ever After, but it’s really unique to visit the Stave Church Gallery toward the center. It tells the stories of vikings and it’s super interesting!

China Pavilion

Give yourself a break by visiting the store at the back of this pavilion. Here, you can find beautiful handmade jewelry, cultural snacks, and traditional clothing. Take some time to look around!

When you’re done shopping, head toward Joy of Tea right before the end of this pavilion. Snag some pork egg rolls for $4.95 and either a Kung Fu Punch or a Canto Loopy for $11! The egg rolls are perfectly cooked and so simple yet delicious. The Kung Fu Punch is more citrusy while the Canto Loopy is melon-filled and refreshing.

Before you head to your next destination, please make sure to also drink some water! Florida heat is brutal and it doesn’t get any nicer when consuming alcohol.

Germany Pavilion

Between China and Germany is the Refreshment Outpost. There are a few items here, but they tend to be generic and makes skipping over this pretty easy.

My snack of choice is going to come from the Sommerfest stand; The Pretzel Bread Pudding for $4.79. With warm caramel and cream sauces and sweet yet salty pretzel bread, you cannot go wrong with this light bite!

Now, for my drink recommendation, I am actually not going to go with a beer. I know…Shocking. However, there is a hidden gem here that I cannot pass up recommending to you all. Step inside the Weinkeller on the back lefthand side of the pavilion. Here, you can buy glasses of different wines and beers. You can also buy shots of various German liquor. It is truly so much fun to choose a unique liquor to try, and you can buy bottles of the ones you like! Cheers with your party and then head on to Italy!

Italy Pavilion

Before I give my recommendations, keep in mind that the Italy pavilion tends to be quite a bit pricey compared to other pavilions. This is because of the ingredients used in all of the food and beverages. If you wanted to skip this pavilion food or drink-wise, it is totally understandable.

My food and drink recommendations are going to come from the Gelateria Toscana stand, but I definitely need to shout out the Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar as well. They offer so many different wines and even flights to try! There is a rustic yet cozy feel to the lounge and it is so cool to try authentic Italian wines. They even offer small starter plates to eat.

From Gelateria Toscana, the drink I would recommend is the Italian Margarita for $12. This drink packs a punch with both limoncello and tequila. Sometimes during festivals, the Italy booth will feature this drink on their menu.

And for the snack, you cannot go wrong with a Cannoli! For $9, enjoy a chocolate dipped cannoli with slightly citrus flavoring. Again, prices are a bit steep, so skipping food here is a possibility for you and your party.

America Pavilion

For this pavilion, I don’t really have a snack recommendation. Simply put, America offers things like funnel cake, pretzels, and turkey legs. I’m a fan of getting unique foods when I visit Disney World, rather than things I can find close to home. Some people enjoy common snacks and if you find that’s you and your party, that’s completely fine!

However, if you were finding yourself hungry, I would definitely recommend stopping into Regal Eagle Smokehouse and ordering something from here! Their food is amazing!

For drinks, America offers a lot more beer than wines or mixed drinks. However, there is an interesting cocktail available for $15 at the Fife & Drum Tavern! It is a Frozen Red Stag Lemonade with cherry bourbon. This will surely cool you down while tasting delicious.

Japan Pavilion

One of my favorite pavilions, there are so many great offerings here. Have another break while you walk around and explore the beauty and zen of this area. Also, be sure to stop into Mitsukoshi and find amazingly colorful merchandise. At the other side of the store, there is a walkthrough museum that shows where the Japanese ‘Kawaii’ culture came from. While getting ready for your next drinks, definitely check these out!

Now, there are some awesome choices here. Feel free to check out the offerings, but I would like to recommend a unique combined snack/beverage.

At the start of the Japan pavilion is the Kabuki Cafe. For $11, get yourself a Sake Slushy! This is an alcoholic version of their famous Kakigori snack. It comes in three flavors, and if you ask nicely, they will also add some sweetened condensed milk on top for a creamier taste. I love these.

Morocco Pavilion

A quick PSA; The Morocco pavilion is absolutely stunning. Take time to wander around, get lost in the pavilion, and even take photos with beautiful backgrounds.

Once you are done exploring, head over to the Morocco Juice Bar stand.

Every drink here is wonderful, but if I had to narrow it down, I would recommend the Frozen Mint Tea (with gin) for $15.50 or the Blood Orange Mimosa for $13.50. Both of these options are so good in their own way. The mint tea is very popular and is super light while the blood orange mimosa offers a wonderful tart flavor.

Also at this stand are various Moroccan pastries. You can get one or an assortment of three, five, or seven for anywhere from $2.75 to 15. These pastries are wonderful and include baklava, almond cookies, and more.

France Pavilion

I am going to keep this one short and sweet, especially because my recommendations are the same as most people!

At Les Vins de Chefs de France, you can find the ever-popular slushes. Like everyone else, I will say that the Orange Slush for $14.75 is the best! It features Grand Marnier, Rum, Orange Grey Goose, and orange juice. If you happen to be there during a festival, surely check if there’s a special slush offered! They tend to have great ones at the festival booths. My favorite special slush is the La Vie En Rose Slush during Flower & Garden Festival.

For snacks, head to Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie. There are various savory and sweet snacks to indulge in. I love the sandwiches as well as the creme brulee.

UK Pavilion

I love this pavilion. I am still crossing my fingers hoping for an expansion to this area! There are so many unique shops and dining offerings here.

If you are a fan of seafood, definitely stop over at the Yorkshire County Fish Shop and get the fish and chips for $12.99. They are most definitely shareable and absolutely delicious. Be sure to stop at the condiment station for any ketchup, lemon juice, or malt vinegar.

For your beverage, you 100% need to stop into the Rose & Crown Pub. It’s not a completed ‘Drink Around the World’ without stopping here! There are so many amazing drinks here, but their ‘Pub Blends’ are really unique. You can get ciders and beers combined, where it turns out to be a really cool two-toned drink. These are $10.50 a piece and really delicious if you’re a fan of beer.

Canada Pavilion

This decision is easy; Head to the Popcorn Cart in this pavilion. Here, you can find maple popcorn for $6.50. This popcorn is sweet, salty, and caramelly. If you have a popcorn bucket, this will qualify in your refills!

For your drink, finish off the end of World Showcase with an Ottowa Apple. This drink is $14.50 and features Crown whiskey with notes of maple, apple, and cranberry.

Honestly, the simple popcorn and sweet drink pair really well together.


Woo! Pat yourself on the back and take a breath, because that was a lot of food and a lot of drinks. Hopefully you and your party have been keeping hydrated in between alcohol consumption!

Now that drinks have been cheers’d and food has been enjoyed, you are free to explore. Remember, you might find yourself crossing between pavilions more than once and that’s okay. Take this time to hop in lines that will progressively get shorter, do some shopping, or even repeat attractions or shows that you’ve enjoyed!

If you happen to be wanting a proper dinner, I would definitely recommend eating at one of the country’s quick-service dining locations. They are all really great, but the choice depends on you and your party’s taste in cuisine and meals.

Be sure to round up your party and get a great spot to view the fireworks!

Epcot Forever

At 9pm nightly, Epcot holds this beautiful fireworks show on the World Showcase Lagoon. This fireworks show is a temporary placeholder until Disney unveils a new one, so be sure to check and make sure it is going on during your visit!

This show tells the story of the past, present, and future of the park! It features different songs, colors, and more.

Guests can also buy a dining package for dinner in a designated seating area during the fireworks show. Rose & Crown Dining Room in the UK and Spice Road Table in Morocco offer these packages for guests to reserve.

At Spice Road Table, the package is $79 for adults and $29 for children. This includes two small plates, a shared entree, a dessert platter, and unlimited non-alcoholic beverages.

At Rose & Crown Dining Hall, the package is $89 for adults and $39 for children. This includes one appetizer, one entree, one dessert, and unlimited non-alcoholic beverages.

This experience is really unique and super worth the price, especially if you had plans to eat at either of these locations in the first place!

Final Thoughts on a One Day Epcot Itinerary

That was a lot of information, and alcohol, so let’s get a brief summary!

  • Be sure to take advantage of the 60 day dining reservation system before your trip.
  • Make sure to buy your tickets and reserve Epcot as your park of choice.
  • Download the My Disney Experience app and assure that everything is linked properly.
  • If you plan on doing any dining reservations for the fireworks show, be sure to also reserve those.
  • Figure out what type of park-goers you and your party are. Judge the outlined itineraries by that.
  • Make sure everyone in your party is linked to your MyDisney Experience app.
  • Be sure to purchase Genie+ before 7am if you plan on using it, but make your first Genie+ reservation at 7am.
  • For Guardians, try for the virtual queue or buy your Individual Lightning Lane at 7am.
  • Don’t stress throughout the day. Rides can go down, weather can change, and lines can be long. That is okay!
  • If using Genie+, be sure to book another reservation as soon as you scan into one.
  • If drinking around the world, pace yourself, be sure to eat, and drink lots of water.
  • All in all, have an amazing day!

Enjoy your time, maximize the use of your utilities, and most importantly, do not stress!

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