20 Pictures of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

After months of anticipation, Rise of the Resistance opened earlier this year and has exceeded all expectations!

Let’s get hyped for this beautiful addition to the parks by taking a virtual tour around this detailed land.

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1. Millennium FalconStar Wars: Galaxy's Edge- Millennium Falcon

The centerpiece of Batuu and one of the best photo ops in the land- you can’t miss out on seeing the ship made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs.

2. Inside the Millennium Falcon

One of the best parts of riding Smuggler’s Run is that you get some time to explore the inside of the Millennium Falcon before you fly!

4. Droids and Details Everywhere

Take the time to look around for small details!

4. Dok Ondar

You can find this advanced audio-animatronic inside Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities. He’s even featured in his own comic made just for the land!

5. Easter Eggs Inside Dok Ondar’s

The hardcore Star Wars fan will fall in love with Dok Ondar’s as every square inch is filled with Easter eggs from the franchise.

6. Dok Ondar’s… Again

Don’t forget to look up! The ‘second floor’ of Dok Ondar’s is packed full of Star Wars details.

7. Dozing Lothcat

The love is in the details in this land and everywhere you turn around there’s more to discover. Don’t forget to stop by and see the dozing Lothcat in the Creature Stall!

8. Droid DepotImage result for droid depot star wars galaxys edge"

The Droid Depot experience is not one to be overlooked for kids and adults alike! We had a blast building our little droid and bringing him to life.

9. Savi’s Workshop

One of the most popular experiences is the lightsaber building inside Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. You can read our full review about this experience on our guide. 

10. Coca-Cola Themed Bottles

I don’t know about you but I’m always a sucker for a cool themed soda bottle. Coca-Cola partnered with Disney to release these one of a kind bottles just for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

11. The Best Food in Star Wars Land

While we’re on the subject of food, you can’t go wrong with Ronto Roasters which has been hailed as the best food in the land. You can read our full review of all the food in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge on our Mickey Visit website. 

12. Dj Rex

You can’t talk about food without mentioning Oga’s Cantina, one of the most popular spots in the land with reservations always filling up. DJ Rex (you may recognize him from Star Tours) keeps the music fresh.

13. Oga’s Cantina

The bar inside Oga’s Cantina is full of Star Wars details, take the time to look around and above to see them all.

14. Oga’s Cantina- Fuzzy Tauntaun

Disney did a great job theming their food to the experience. This (alcoholic) drink called the Fuzzy Tauntaun features a foam that makes your lips go numb and tingle. You can read our full review of Oga’s Cantina on our Mickey Visit website. 

15. The Resistance Side of Batuu

The land itself is split into ‘two groups’- the First Order and the Resistance. On the Resistance side you can see ships themed to this group (above) and encounter Rey and Chewbacca.

16. The First Order Side of Batuu

You can often find Disney PhotoPass photographers by all of the larger than life ships in the land. Watch out for Kylo Ren and his stormtroopers on the First Order side of Batuu.

17. Rise of the ResistanceImage result for rise of the resistance"

We’d be remiss not to end our list with a few from the upcoming attraction: Rise of the Resistance!

18. Rise of the ResistanceImage result for rise of the resistance"

The amount of details inside this ride are amazing.

19. Rise of the Resistance

Be prepared to see some familiar faces.

20. Rise of the Resistance

For everything you need to know about accessing Rise of the Resistance make sure to read our complete guide to the new attraction. 

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