Eating Inexpensively at Rainforest Cafe

Rainforest Cafe

Rainforest Cafe is one of those restaurants that has an unique atmosphere and great food, but can get a little costly.  If you are wanting to experience Rainforest Cafe without experiencing the bill, you can do some creative ordering and sharing and still enjoy the atmosphere.

Lush Landscaping of Rainforest Cafe

There are two choices for Rainforest Cafe at Disney World.  Downtown Disney hosts one of the Rainforest Cafes and it is currently under construction.  The other is at Animal Kingdom.  Since you have to pay for parking, or use an annual pass, to get to the one at Animal Kingdom, the Downtown Disney location might be a better idea for some families.

Splitting a Beastly Burger

Of course, ordering water with your meal saves money.  If memory serves me correctly, a drink there was $2.49, so with a table of four, that is about $10 already saved! There are so many delicious dishes on the menu, but in all honestly, their cheeseburgers are one of my favorite items.

Beastly Burger For Two

A Beastly Burger costs $16.99.  That is a lot, but compared to the other dishes, it is a steal.  If you ask for an extra plate and share it, it will only cost you about $8.50.  In that case, you may want to ask for fries, which are extra, instead of the chips to help fill you up.  A Paradise house salad is $5.99.  You can ask for chicken on top of the salad for about a dollar or two more.  It is a perfectly sized salad for one person.  It definitely beats the China Island Chicken Salad at $14.99.  If you do want to try the China Island Chicken Salad, ask for an extra plate and share it with a friend.  It is huge!  We have not had trouble with splitting an entree or asking for an extra plate.  I hope that continues because it helps us save a lot of money at Rainforest Cafe.


The Sparkling Volcano is an excellent dessert.  I was hesitant because most restaurant brownies are dry and lack flavor.  The Sparkling Volcano comes with brownies, ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate and caramel sauce, and a “sparkler” on top.  It is brought out in Rainforest Cafe style with a trail of loud and obnoxious yells of “VOLCANO!”  It does cost a yummy penny at $14.99, but it can feed the whole table!  So, if you must get a dessert, because somedays definitely are worthy of one, then get this and split it to save money.

Salt Water Fish Tanks

Now for the atmosphere of Rainforest Cafe!  Both locations have loud and primal atmospheres.  It can be a little overwhelming for those with sensory issues.  Warn your children first that there will be thunder, lightening, and loud animal noises.

Both locations have enormous salt water fish tanks and lots of things to see while waiting and eating.  It is free to go in and window shop.  Take time to walk around and see the animals, fish tanks, the bar, and even the clearance rack.

Bar Stools

The Rainforest Cafe at Animal Kingdom also has a hidden gem out back.  There are actually two entrances to Rainforest Cafe.  One entrance is outside the front gates and one is in Animal Kingdom.  This area has seating, a mister, lots of tress and vegetation, and an elephant fountain.

You can use your park ticket to get into the park from here.  Even if you are not going to Animal Kingdom, it is still a nice area to visit and take pictures.

Tracy the Talking Tree

Whether you are going for coffee and your share of the Sparkling Volcano or to split a burger or salad and relax after a day in the park, it is well worth the trip.  Just remember to split and share so you can save your money for the souvenirs.

Oh, our bill?  Three adults and two children.  All of us ate until we were stuffed, including the Sparkling Volcano.  The bill came to about $50.  We used Landry’s Select Club Birthday Points to save us $25, so the entire dinner was less than $30!  For a sit down meal at Disney World, that is not too bad.

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  1. Whenever we are at any Rainforest Cafe, I will try to use these great tips to help save us some money. Whenever we are at the Rainforest Cafe in Disneyland we try to sit in the back, because there are less animal noises as they can get quite scary and annoying for everyone at the table.

    • I love the Rainforest Cafe at Disneyland. It is my favorite of any Rainforest Cafe. The fact that it is multiple stories is so cool. There use to be one in Kansas City and it didn’t compare to the Disneyland one either. Last time we went to RFC at Animal Kingdom, we sat in front of Boma and Ozzie, the loud gorillas. It was definitely loud!

  2. Honestly, great article. I like the atmosphere at Rainforest, but I’m not a huge fan of the food (for the price) so saving money could give me an excuse to go there! Great tips! Your final bill price was really good considering I usually spend more than that amount just on a counter service meal at Disney! (like what? $60)

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