Winter: A Great Time To Visit Blizzard Beach

It's winter and a freak snow storm has covered Florida in white, fluffy snow.  Well, not really but Blizzard Beach still gives you the feeling of a snowy ski community in the middle of central Florida.  One thing that was weird for me to get use to when I first moved here is that the pools and water parks didn't close for the winter.


The water is heated, although the Cross Country Creek still seems chillier than the other rides.  Even though the water is the blizzard runoff, it is my favorite ride.

My favorite part of Disney, including Blizzard Beach, is the fact that nature is still evident in the parks.  I have been to other water parks where the rides were pretty cool but it was surrounded by concrete and a fence.  There were no trees, grass, or even sand.  I think all of that should be included in any park or family attraction.

There is something for everyone at Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon, from the fast and steep rides to the Tike's Peak and Ski Patrol Training Camp.  The last time I was there, I laid on the beach chair in the sand for the morning.  There was a little working involved as well as sleeping.  The husband and kids were running around the park going on the rides I don't normally like.  After we all ate the food I packed for the day, we hit Cross Country Creek where we floated and played around the park.


Like many parents and teachers, I can find an educational experience almost everywhere we go.  The ice cave that the Cross Country Creek passes through even has artifacts, like pottery, and cave paintings.  This is a great “mini-lesson” for writing, communication, and how people lived years ago and can even be tied to Spaceship Earth and their depiction of the beginning of communication and the human race.

This weekend is expected to heat up during the day so it is a perfect time to visit Blizzard Beach, which is open from 10 AM to 5 PM.  If it is still too chilly, they also serve coffee.  Well, it is Blizzard Beach!

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