Video and Postcards: When Were Disneyland’s Best Years?

Back when the Jungle Cruise was tacky.....but a good kind.

Back when the Jungle Cruise was tacky…..but the good kind.

I have heard this question asked millions of times: What decade or what year would you most like to see Disneyland in? I was recently asked this by a friend.

There are so many to think of and every decade is good for different reasons. But, as I thought about it, I came across this fantastic video showing Disneyland during the 60's. It reminded me of all of the fantastic additions of that time period and the great entertainment that could be seen throughout the park. Some of the major additions early that decade were the monorail, Matterhorn, and the Submarine Voyage.

Journey back in time with this awesome blast to the past.


Also here are a great set of postcards that I found from the same time period.






So. What is your favorite time period at Disneyland?



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  1. I personally would have to say that I always think that the present is the best time to visit anywhere. Seeing as I don’t have a time machine. 😉

  2. I would have to say that I would want to see Disneyland on opening. Actually scratch that, I would want to enjoy it a month or two after it opened, when it was still fresh, but most of the hick-ups were out of it. And maybe even get to meet Walt Disney.

    I’m getting chills thinking about it.

  3. From the video (1968) I’d have to say that is the year I’d like to visit! The Skyway, People Mover, original Sub ride, the first version of the monorail with viewing bubble up front, and so many other classic attractions were still in the Park! I think it’s the period where Walt’s original vision was still strong but with his first round of plusses in place.

  4. Larsen… The best year of my Disneyland life was in 1955, the year it opened! I was 12 years old, and a pure “tomboy”. Dad saved his very hard-earned money for this wonderful surprise! Disneyland had been opened for 3 weeks and I was ready to take on this great adventure in my life. Just like today, every minute of our visit was magical! I saw Walt Disney twice during that visit….even then his kindness radiated from him. He is and always be one of my heroes because he put permanent joy and happiness in my heart, and in my 7 children, 28 grandchildren and now my great daughter’s too. Thanks Walt!

  5. Has to be 1957 (my first visit) to 2015 (my most recent visit). ANYTIME is the best time to visit the Magical Kingdom because it A Dream Come True…………………………………

  6. Late 60s were the best years for Disneyland. The hotel was still there. I loved the shopping center, even my dentist was located in that office area at the hotel. Disneyland was just gearing up for expansion. Lines were not long. Still used tickets for each ride. I must admit by the time the 90s arrived, I had annual passes for the family and extended family. I picked up te kids from school and promptly drove to Disneyland once a week. Summers hit and we went only for the evening and made the fireworks the signal to meet up at the gates to walk out to the car. Miss those days.

  7. Gavin,
    I went to the park 2 weeks after it opened, when I was 2.
    The sixties were amazing. The house of the Future blew our minds.
    The monorail…yes, it was the 60s.

    • Wow, Kathleen that sound incredible. I would have loved to have seen the park then. Sounds like you really have experienced the best years at Disneyland. Hopefully there are still good years yet to come.

  8. Been going for 50 years. I remember when they went to unlimited rides. My cousins and I must have rode pirates 50 times in a row. But the best time is tomorrow.

  9. When Walt was still alive was the very best of times. It really was a time when dreams came true… Went the very first year but was only three, so the late 60’s were probably my favorite. Every time I go there it’s magic, once I step onto main street it’s magic. Remember all you need is a little pixie dust.

    • Thank you for sharing Susie. The 60s seem like a great time to be in Disneyland.

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