Where Did Walt Disney Get the Money for Disneyland? 

Disney knew that he would need help funding the development of his fantasy, Disneyland. Being the visionary he was, he looked to the next new frontier — television.

Walt Disney's TV program

Disney would produce a weekly family television program for ABC. The weekly show would consist of an update on the construction of Disneyland and a short movie, hosted by Walt Disney. The show went on to be known as “The Wonderful World of Color” and then “The Wonderful World of Disney.” Swipe up to learn more about his television show!


Disney also raised money for his Magic Kingdom by convincing consumer product companies to sponsor claiming visitors would associate the brands with the fun of the park. Some of the first companies to sponsor the park were Coca-Cola, Swift, Frito-Lay, etc. Swipe up to find out more about Disneyland's sponsorships!


Disney begins to turn a profit.

Disney bought those shares back, until the only owners were the Disney company and ABC. Once the Disney company acquired ABC, Disney and his management team took control over the entire park.

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