What to Wear to Disney World in December

Disney World during Christmas is one of the best times of the year to visit. But Florida weather can be unpredictable especially during that time of year. So create a packing list that fits all versions of Orlando December weather.

Disney World Cold Weather Clothing

Consider packing hats, long sleeve shirts, pants, tennis shoes, and coat in case of cold weather during your trip. The mornings and evenings in Disney World will be a bit cooler! 

Disney World Warm Weather Clothing

Don't forget, you're going to Florida and that means you might still have hot weather that might give you the chance to visit your hotel pool. Don't forget to pack a t-shirt, flip flops, swimming suit and shorts too.

Disney World Rain Weather Clothing 

You should always be prepared for rainy weather at Disney World. While this is well past hurricane season, you're still going to be in Florida during your trip which is known for its humidity. The one thing you need to bring are ponchos!

Forgot to bring a clothing item to Disney World?

Walt Disney World does sell a large variety of sweatshirts, rain ponchos, umbrellas, and more but if you're traveling on a budget it's better to come prepared with whatever you might need to wear on your December Disney trip.

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