Walt Disney World's Top Five Cheapest Hotels

One of the perks of staying on-site at Walt Disney World are the cheap Disney hotels you can stay at. Due to the size of the resort there's plenty of hotel options including a nice range of cheap to moderate hotel categories. SWIPE UP  for top five best cheap Disney hotels at Walt Disney World.

Campsites at Fort  Wilderness Lodge

The cheapest Disney hotel option is getting a campsite at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort. This is a beautiful place to camp with access to swimming, archery, horses and more. SWIPE UP to learn the benefits of staying at this resort!

Disney's All Star Sports Resorts

Disney's All Star Sports Resort is the the top cheap Disney hotel at Walt Disney World. It's considered a value resort and the sports theme is likely less popular than the other themes in the value category.  SWIPE UP to learn more about the All Stars Sports resort!

Disney's All Star Movies Resort

Disney's All Star Movies Resort is one of the favorites among cheap Disney hotels. This resort is near Animal Kingdom making it a short bus ride away. One of the best features of this hotel is the Fantasia themed pool! SWIPE UP to learn about the Allstar Movies Resort!

Disney's All Star Music Resort

 One of the benefits of this value resort is that it's the only one that has suites and standard rooms in the same building which can be great for families that may be meeting in groups. SWIPE UP to learn more about the benefits of the All Star Music Resort.

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