History of Aulani- A Disney Resort and Spa

Aulani-A Disney Resort and Spa was Disney's step into having smaller resorts outside of the Disney theme parks. Opened in 2011, this beautiful resort rests on the beaches of Ko Olina in the most removed and relaxing area of the Hawaiian Island of Oahu. Swipe up to find out more about the building of the resort!

Disney knows that their guests and Disney Vacation Club members have existing ties to Hawaii. When not traveling to a Disney property, the biggest other trip planned by Disney patrons was to the islands of Hawaii. Swipe up to find out more reasons why Hawaii was the perfect location for this resort!

Why Hawaii?

Joe Rohde the chief Imagineer behind Animal Kingdom grew up above Waikiki in Hawaii and was the creative lead on the Aulani project. After finding out that Disney had finally decided to open the resort in Hawaii he knew and so did Disney that he was the man for the job. Swipe up to find out what Joe says about Oahu

Who made it happen?

They created a cultural advisory board that worked hand in hand with Joe Rohde every step of the way while designing and building the resort. This cultural advisory board was made up of local community leaders, hula masters, Hawaiian artists, and Hawaii cultural experts. Swipe up to learn more about the Hawaiian culture used in the resort!

How did they stay culturally correct?

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