Visiting Disneyland in January 

Disneyland in January can be a great time of year to enjoy the low crowds but this often comes at the expensive of rainy weather and ride refurbishments. We're here to help you answer the question: is a trip to Disneyland in January worth it? SWIPE UP for a complete guide to visiting Disneyland month-by-month!

January Crows at Disneyland

You can usually rely on low crowd levels in January which makes it an ideal time to visit to enjoy low wait times and minimal packed walkways. This is the largest pro to consider when deciding if a visit is worth your time or not. SWIPE UP to learn about crowd levels in January!

Low January Prices at Disneyland

Their prices on Disneyland tickets cannot be beat. They offer discount Disneyland tickets with a savings of up to $20 per ticket. They also offer promotions throughout the year which can also be a great way to save a ton of money on your Disneyland tickets. SWIPE UP to learn more about discount tickets!

January Weather at Disneyland

January is one of the months in Southern California that sees the most rain so it's best to be prepared for that reality. Disneyland won't close because of rain but rides with outdoor tracks often will close during rain. SWIPE UP to learn more about visiting Disneyland in January!

Disneyland Ride Refurbishment

The second con of visiting Disneyland in January is that this off season is the time that Disney completes many of their annual ride refurbishments along with ride closures to remove holiday decor. SWIPE UP to learn which rides will be closed in January!

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