Top 3 Best Disneyland Treats We Don’t Miss On Our Trips

Dole Pineapple Float

Get a Dole Pineapple Float from the stand in front of The Enchanted Tiki Room to beat the heat in Disneyland. It is soft serve pineapple ice cream in cool sweet pineapple juice and gives you a little umbrella with a cherry on top. It is a tropical paradise and the wait for pineapple treats inside the waiting area is usually shorter than those waiting outside the show's holding area.

Safari Skewer from the Bengal Barbque

The Safari Skewer is a bacon wrapped asparagus skewer that is available only at the Bengal Bar B Que in Adventureland. The skewers are grilled up fresh and are perfectly cooked, tender, and fresh tasting. However, there is a chance that the asparagus might be tough, stringy, and woody, or the bacon might be under cooked, greasy and flabby. If you get a skewer like this, don't give up and order another one at another time. Trust me, you will get that perfect Safari Skewer and will be back again and again.

Corn Dogs at the Disneyland Hub

The Little Red Wagon at the Disneyland Hub serves up the best corn dog in the world, with either potato chips or the healthy option of sliced apples. There is a huge advantage in ordering apple slices, as it cuts down on the queasy greasy feeling after eating the corn dog.

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