What To Expect: Thanksgiving at Disneyland 

Thanksgiving at Disneyland is a great holiday to visit as the parks will be decked out in their full holiday best. There will be plenty of holiday entertainment, decor, special Disneyland Thanksgiving meals and attraction overlays to experience.

Does Disneyland Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Yes, Disneyland does celebrate Thanksgiving!  Disneyland Thanksgiving meals added to the menus just for Thanksgiving day at many of the other popular table service restaurants around Disneyland!

Is Disneyland at Thanksgiving Crowded?

There's a common misconception that Disneyland isn't crowded on Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was easily the busiest day of our trip and one of the busiest days I've ever experienced at Disneyland.

What is the weather at Disneyland like for Thanksgiving?

The average temperature for Anaheim in November is a high of around 70 degrees and a low of around 53 degrees. The temperature can fluctuate depending on if the sun is out, if it's cloudy or windy.

Disneyland Thanksgiving at the Disneyland Hotel

This special buffet focus is only offered on Thanksgiving Day in the Disneyland Hotel Grand Ballroom. During the meal you can expect to see a variety of Disney characters that come out to greet you and take photos.

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