Skip These Snacks On Your Next Disney World Trip

Mickey Soft Pretzels

Soft pretzels shaped like Mickey are popular savory snack options at Disney World, similar to Premium Bars. They are similar to the average soft pretzel and cheese dipping sauce found at sporting events or fairs. Other types include cream cheese or pepper jack-stuffed pretzels, and freshly made Bavarian-style pretzels at lounges in parks and Disney Springs.

Frozen Slushies

Frozen treats at Disney World include frozen slushy drinks at walk-up windows and quick-service restaurants. While some flavors are interesting, most are similar to those found at local convenience stores. For a unique taste, try the apple and marshmallow-flavored Lefou's Brew at Magic Kingdom.

Mickey Premium Bars

Mickey Premium Bars, chocolate-coated ice cream bars shaped like Mickey Mouse ears, are popular snacks at Disney World. They are smooth and creamy, perfect for cooling down during hot days. However, they can be boring and difficult to eat in the heat due to their quick melting. Instead, try exploring other exciting ice cream flavors in shops and Quick Service restaurants.

Packaged Bakery Treats

Disney World resorts and theme parks offer prepackaged bakery treats like cookies, cupcakes, and Rice Krispie. These are convenient for a special treat before embarking on an adventure. 


Churros are a popular doughy and sugary snack found at carts around Disney World. They are easy to find and affordable. Other fried, donut-like options include chocolatey pastries and giant cinnamon rolls, some infused with alcohol, like Mickey beignets at Disney's Port Orleans Resort French Quarter.

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