Secret Codes Cast Members Use to Deal with Real World Problems

The Code V

This code is called when someone can’t make it to the bathroom on time and “spills their lunch” in a public area. Even though a lot of guests are aware of what it means, it’s used so guests who don’t know what it means aren’t grossed out.


The AFR code is used to keep guests from finding out that something gross has just happened. AFR stands for “accidental fecal release,” and whether it was accidental or not, Cast Members use the acronym to inform their coworkers that the area needs to be closed or blocked off until the custodial team is able to get it cleaned up.

The Signal 25

Signal 25 is one that falls into that final category because it means that either smoke or flames have been spotted.

The Alpha Unit

If a Cast Member says that an Alpha Unit is on its way, it really means that emergency services are on their way to provide medical aid to a guest or Cast Member.

Pool Whistles

If you stay at a Disney Resort hotel and spend some time swimming in the pool, it’s possible that you will hear the lifeguards blow their whistles from time to time to communicate to the rest of the lifeguards and recreation Cast Members working on the pool deck.

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