Pirates of the Caribbean

The Beginning

Pirates of the Caribbean made its debut in the Disneyland Resort on March 18, 1967, and was redesigned into a boat ride with over 120 audio-animatronics. It was the last attraction that Walt Disney oversaw and worked on before his death in 1966. The famous Blue Bayou also opened, and Disney's knack for creative special effects was too good for the Anaheim Fire Department.

A History of Reflecting Modern Culture

The Pirates of the Caribbean attraction is one of Disneyland's most historic and classic dark rides, with a long 50 year history. In the 1990's, guests questioned the attraction's displays of lewd behavior towards the village women, so Disney changed the prize of the pirates chase from women to food. In 2006, Disney remodeled the attraction to include Jack Sparrow, Davy Jones, and Captain Barbossa as characters, and now the presence of the films is prominent in New Orleans Square. 

Disney's most recent change to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride removed the bride auction scene, which featured a red-haired voluptuous woman as the main focal point. This change sparked a huge debate among park guests, with some seeing it as a welcome change to remove exploitation of women and others viewing it as a sign of a culture's shift to political correctness. Regardless, the red-haired woman has been transformed into a wandering character and guests can now bond with her.

Disney's Awareness of Pop Culture

Disney has a long history of being aware of popular culture trends and making moves to remain relevant to them. Recent examples include the revamping of the digital Fastpass to MaxPass, the new Disney Play App, and the redesigning and removal of areas of the park that no longer appeal to the majority of park guests. Disney will continue to make changes to remain relevant and attractive to the trends of modern culture, such as the new Star Wars themed land opening in 2019.

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