Inside Look at Exclusive Disneyland Club 33

Club 33 is one of the most elusive and secret locations at the Disneyland Resort. Only Disneyland Club 33 and their invited guests can visit Club 33, it is not open to the general public.  SWIPE UP to get our guide to Club 33, we share how to join the private club, how much Club 33 costs, the history of the club.

What is Club 33?

Club 33 is a private Disneyland club which opened in 1967 and was the first location in Disneyland to serve alcohol. Walt Disney designed the idea from the VIP lounges he experienced at the World Fair so that way Disneyland would have its own VIP lounge.Want to know how to join Club 33, SWIPE UP!

How Do I Get on the Waitlist for Club 33? 

The waiting lists for Club 33 are at an average of about four years or more. Potential Club 33 members need to send a letter to the below address requesting to be added to the club waiting list. SWIPE UP to get more details about how to join Club 33 and what address to send your request to!

How Much Does Club 33 at Disneyland Cost?

The most recent known price for membership  are $10,000 and the initiation charge at $30,000. And there are different levels of membership. The more you pay, the more perks you receive. SWIPE UP to learn about the club membership perks!

Is Club 33 Membership Worth It?

To the most avid Disney fans, the answer may be a hearty YES! For the average park goer, it probably isn't. Club 33 does offer VIP treatment with a number of perks in addition to access to the premiere club and that makes it worth it for some folks. SWIPE UP to learn more about Club 33!

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