How to Get a High Score on Buzz Lighter Astro Blasters

Today we will share the secrets on how to get a much higher score on Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. Use these tips to amaze your friends with your high scores and blow their scores out of the water. You may even make it onto the high score board. SWIPE UP for a detailed plan of how to get the highest score! 

Know the Target Values

Each of the targets in the attraction are worth different amounts depending on their shape and whether they are lit or unlit. – Circle – 100 – Square – 1,000 – Diamond – 5,000 – Triangle – 10,000 SWIPE UP to learn about what the lit shape values are! 

Keep Firing. PERIOD.

Jokingly called the “better luck next time bonus,” you receive 100 points for every five times that you fire and miss a target. Just keep on firing and you will continue to accumulate points even if you don't hit the target. SWIPE UP to learn more tricks to get the highest score! 

Keep Firing When the Ride Stops

The ride stops frequently in order to load people who are disable or to retrieve something that someone left in a vehicle. When the ride stops, your gun is still active. This is the time to rack up the points. SWIPE UP to learn more tricks to getting the highest score on Astro Blasters! 

Find the Highest Value Targets 

The most important thing is to have intention while shooting. In almost every room there is a valuable target hidden in plain site.  - Backside of the robot's hand  -Behind the moving saw blade of the spaceship SWIPE UP to get a complete  list of the highest value targets! 

Swipe up to learn all the tricks to getting the highest score on Buzz Lighter Astro Blasters!