How Much Does it Cost to go to Disney World?

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Walt Disney World Ticket Prices

Disney World tickets start at $109 for a basic one park one day ticket and are the same price for both adults and kids three and older.

Disney World Busy Season

The time of year is an important factor in the cost of Disney World tickets. December is a busy time due to the holidays, with standard day tickets costing $169 to $189 per day. Summer months can be busy due to vacationers and locals, and Fourth of July is a popular time to visit. Race weekends and sporting events can also cause bigger crowds and higher prices. Small holidays such as Columbus Day, Labor Day, MLK Day, and Memorial Day can also cause higher prices.

Walt Disney World Packages

Packages at Disney World are a great way to save money and make planning easier. Packages include hotel stay and park tickets, making it easier to plan. Pricing for packages may vary depending on your experience, travel party, budget, and needs.

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