Fascinating Facts About Mary Poppins You Don’t Know

PL Travers' Real-Life Inspiration

Just like the fictional character we've come to love, Travers' aunt was a blend of real-life charm and fiction, and this delightful fusion gave birth to the beloved character of Mary Poppins we know today.

Mary Poppins Movie Helped the Disney Monorail System

Mary Poppins wasn't just a masterpiece of storytelling and entertainment; it was also a financial triumph for Walt Disney, raking in a net profit of about $28.5 million. As a result of the film's huge success, its ripple effect extended well beyond the silver screen.

Julie Andrews Wasn't Disney's First Pick

Bette Davis was their first pick, and they even considered Angela Lansbury for the iconic role.

A Surprising Filming Location

Every scene from this classic Disney film was produced inside Disney's Burbank soundstage using meticulously painted backdrops.

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