Easily Avoided Ways People Waste Money at Disney World

Not Canceling Dining Reservations In Time

Disney World offers a variety of dining options, with Advanced Dining Reservations (ADRs) available 60 days in advance. However, cancellations are not allowed within two hours of reservation time, and failure to show up can result in a $10 penalty per person. 

Not Packing the Right Clothes

Purchasing Disney-themed apparel as a keepsake is important, but not due to unpreparedness for the weather. Check Orlando's weather forecast before packing and include extra clothing in luggage. Avoid buying new wardrobes at Disney prices due to cold weather, and enjoy your Disney adventure without any unexpected surprises.

Paying for Water

Stay hydrated during Disney's parks by bringing a reusable water bottle instead of a single-use bottle. These bottles can be easily refilled at refill stations for no cost, ensuring you stay refreshed and hydrated without wasting your savings.

Ordering Too Much Food

Planning sit-down meals at Disney World can be thrilling, but overbooking can lead to cancellations or no-shows, wasting vacation funds. Waiting for meals can limit park time and make it less relaxing. 

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