Disney’s Live-Action Little Mermaid Review

The Film is Over 2 Hours Long

The new film has a 135-minute runtime, compared to the original 83-minute film, allowing for additional backstory and songs. However, some scenes may be too fast-forward.

Lyric Changes Were Completely Unnoticed

Disney plans to change "Kiss the Girl" and "Poor Unfortunate Souls" lyrics to be more inclusive, removing ambiguity about a preference for women's visibility. Some fans worry about impacting the songs' power, but the changes are not altered and are worth it if they help someone feel better about the message.


New Backstory for Ariel and Prince Eric

In the new film, Prince Eric and Ariel's backstory reveals their motivations for restoring the kingdom as a center of international trade. Ariel seeks freedom and freedom, while Eric's mother, overprotective and predisposed to fear, protects him.

There Was No Earworm New Song

The first song, "Wild Uncharted Waters," resembles Beauty and the Beast, while "The Scuttlebutt" features Hamilton-style rap between Sebastian and Scuttle. The final song, "For The First Time," is my favorite.

Some Favorites Were Missing

Chef Louis' "Les Poissons" and "Daughters of Triton" songs are removed, replacing a speaking scene and Triton's ocean rule.

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