What to Pack for a Trip to Disneyland

Our Disney packing list will help you decide what to bring to Disneyland including Disneyland essentials, what to wear to Disneyland, and will make sure you are prepared for your Disney vacation!

What to Pack for Disneyland:  Battery Pack

You will use your phone often at Disneyland for pictures, the Disneyland app for mobile ordering, check ride times, and to store your park tickets. It's crucial to add a phone device battery pack to your Disneyland packing list.

What to Pack for Disneyland:  Water Bottle

You should plan on bringing a water bottle into the parks each day of your visit. The California sun can really heat up in the afternoons and you want to ensure that everyone in your group stays hydrated throughout the day.

What to Pack for Disneyland: Sunscreen

Sunscreen is one of the most important items for your packing list for Disney! Your on-site hotel convenience store will always have sunscreen on hand but you can expect to pay inflated prices.

What to Pack for Disneyland: Camera

Most people have great cameras on their cell phone these days, but if you have a high end camera you want to bring with, make sure you know how to use it both indoors and outdoors. 

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