Disneyland Main Street USA Secrets

Every guest that enters Disneyland walks down this entrance street. Main Street USA is like the opening scene of your favorite movie. By the time you walk through middle America town, you are ready for all else Disneyland has in store!

Not based on Marceline, Missouri

Because Walt Disney was the dreamer behind the entire park, many credit his hometown of Marceline, Missouri as the inspiration for Main Street USA. However, Main Street USA was designed by Walt Disney Imagineer Harper Goff who took photos of his childhood home in Fort Collins, Colorado to create the designs for the buildings.

The street lamps on Main street were purchased from cities all across the US including Baltimore, Saint Louis, and Philadelphia.  Also, the black base of the Disneyland flag pole is the broken piece of a light post from Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles. Swipe up to learn more!

200 year old Gas Lamps 

The cannons surrounding the Disneyland flag pole are authentic French cannons from the 1800s. These cannons act as a tribute to all service men. 

Real French Cannons

Fire Wagon Used to Be an Attraction

The fire wagon that sits inside the Disneyland Firehouse was an opening day attraction. The wagon was pulled by two horses up and down Main Street until it was taken out of commission in 1960. 

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