Disneyland Food Guide: Prices and Dining Experiences

One of the best things about a Disneyland vacation is planning out what to eat at Disneyland, how to find the best food at Disneyland, and tracking down all the mickey shaped food at Disneyland! We have you covered on with our Disneyland food guide so you can find the best food at Disneyland.

What is the best food to eat at Disneyland?

There are a few classic Disneyland food items that make up the best foods at Disneyland. Some Disney treats you need to try include:  -Dole Whip -Corn Dog -Mickey Waffles For a complete list, SWIPE UP! 

What food is at Disneyland?

At Disneyland there are two main dining style options called quick service and table service. SWIPE UP fpr break down all of the Disneyland food restaurants by land so you can find them in both Disneyland park and California Adventure park.

What food is at California Adventure?

The food at California Adventure is often said to be better than what you can find at Disneyland.  SWIPE UP for a complete list of all the food options you can find at California Adventure organized by land.

How much does the food at Disneyland cost?

Table service options at the park will always be more expensive than quick service options especially when you factor in the tip and drinks. Each restaurant option will have a $ symbol on it that helps give you an idea of cost. SWIPE UP to get more cost details!

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