Disneyland Attractions You’ll Never Get to Experience

The Skyway

After running for almost 40 years straight, the Skyway was closed permanently in 1994 due to safety concerns surrounding the metal fatigue it was experiencing.

Rocket Rods

Due to budget constraints, Rocket Rods closed in 2000, just two years after it opened.

Rainbow Caverns Mine Train

For several years following its closure, the imposing waterfall flowing from Cascade Peak into the Rivers of America remained in operation. However, in 1998, it was necessary to turn off the waterfall due to significant structural damage inflicted on the peak by the prolonged water flow. As a result, Cascade Peak was ultimately dismantled and removed.


Sadly, the PeopleMover closed in 1995 and remained unused for two and a half years before being transformed into Rocket Rods.

Rocket to the Moon

The premise of Flight to the Moon became outdated and obsolete once legitimate moon landings had occurred, and in 1975, it was refurbished one last time to become Mission to Mars.

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