Disney World Attractions You’ll Never Get to Experience

The Great Movie Ride

After a few different refurbishments and changes to the attraction, The Great Movie Ride was officially closed in August 2017.


Horizons closed permanently in January 1999, and its building was torn down starting in July 2000. The demolition of this attraction was historic, as it was the first time that a Disney theme park ride building was completely destroyed to build a new attraction.

The Timekeeper

Disney World's The Timekeeper was the last version of the attraction to close in November 2006, as Tokyo Disneyland’s Visionarium stopped its showings in 2002, while Disneyland Park Paris’ Le Visionarium ended in 2004.

Delta Dreamflight

The attraction was renamed Disney’s Take Flight and continued to operate with references to Delta removed, but it was closed in January 1998 to be replaced by Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin.

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