How to Save Money on Disney World Tickets

You can still save money at Walt Disney World with discount park tickets even with all the new additions like the incredible Star Wars Land  and the newly opened Mickey Mouse themed ride and ever increasing ticket prices.

Disney World Discount Ticket Reseller

In order to reach every market throughout the United States and to increase their marketing power, Disney partners with outside companies and allows them to resell their park ticket at a special rate. Swipe up to learn more about how to get cheap ticket!

Walt Disney World Annual Pass

You can save money by purchasing an Annual Pass if your trip plans include: – visiting for longer than eleven days during one trip (within 14 days of each other) – eight days or more for two trips (or more) over the course of one year

Disney Vacation Club Member Ticket Discounts

Members receive special discounts on Walt Disney World annual pass memberships and renewals. This discount is only available to the member's immediate household. 

Disney World Ticket Discount for Military 

Military personnel can receive lodging discounts through Disney Armed Forces Salute. This offer heavily offers discount DisneyWorld Resort passes as well. The promotional tickets listed in the blog are available for purchase.

Swipe up to learn more about how to save money on Disney World tickets!