Craziest Disney World Opinions

You Don’t Need To Ride The Attractions At Disney World

Some guests visit Disney World without a ride, enjoying the atmosphere, food, parade, or watching action. The park offers live entertainment, character experiences, and dining options, allowing guests to spend an entire magical day without stepping foot on a ride.

Star Wars and Avatar Don’t Belong in Disney World

Disney World recently added Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge and Pandora: The World of Avatar, attracting visitors and new fans. However, some nostalgic fans argue that these new attractions don't fit Disney's classic aesthetic, causing tension. 

Disney’s Grand Floridian is Not the Best Deluxe Resort

The Grand Floridian Resort is considered the best Deluxe Disney resort due to its luxurious and elegant design. However, not everyone seeks royal treatment, and some may find the old-school Victorian style too stuffy. Disney fans also have their own version of magic in mind when choosing the best spot on Disney property.

Hollywood Studios is the Worst Disney World Park

Disney fans enjoy Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, but others are dissatisfied with Hollywood Studios. While Toy Story Land is vibrant, some criticize the lack of cohesive theming and lack of shade. Hollywood Studios sparked heated opinions.

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