Everything you need to know about Club 33

What is Club 33?

Club 33, a private Disneyland club, opened in 1967 and was the first location to serve alcohol. Named after 33 Royal Street in New Orleans Square, it features a fine restaurant, private lounge, and a view of Fantasmic! from the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.

How do I get on the waitlist at Club 33 at Disneyland?

Club 33 has a lengthy, expensive, and exclusive waiting list that has not been open in years. To join, potential members must send a letter to the address below, as calling the club is frowned upon. The wait list can take years to open, and new members often need to be invited or recommended by current members. 

How much does Club 33 at Disneyland cost?

Club 33 at Disneyland has annual dues of $10,000 and an initiation charge of $30,000. Members receive perks like Annual Passes, family and friend tickets, ride access passes, and front row seating.

Is a Disneyland Club 33 membership worth it?

Club 33 offers VIP treatment and perks for Disney fans, but for average park goers, it may not be worth it due to its high-profile members like Elton John, Tom Hanks, and Christina Aguilera.

Can I get in to Club 33 if I’m not a member?

Club 33 is only accessible to non-members who are invited as guests by a current member. They can dine in the restaurant, lounge, purchase merchandise, and enjoy the lobby. Club 33's etiquette is strict, and guests must follow rules to maintain a positive experience.

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