Behind the Scenes of Pirates of the Caribbean

The Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the most iconic attractions in Disneyland. Now you get the chance to go behind the scenes and see some of the inner workings of the attraction!

The boats have a special room of their own.

The cars or boats that aren't being used in the ride are stored in this area. When the line begins to get long, or Disney wants to increase the capacity they will pull in more boats from this area and when they decrease the capacity, boats are pulled into the front end of this bypass.

Cameras everywhere on the ride

A Cast Member sits in this control room to monitor all parts of the attraction. Guests have been caught jumping ship in the treasure room attempting to fill their pockets with “gold.” 

Spider webs and dust are added to the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction during the major refurbishments to keep everything looking as old as possible.

The Dust is there for a Reason

All of the animatronics have three costumes that are routinely switched out for repairs. With all of the repetitive moments that each character goes through, the costumes are constantly enduring wear and tear. It is common in certain places like the joints or wrists of the characters.

Costumes on the Characters

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