Water Bottle Refill Stations at Disney World – Tips, Plus Secret Spots

One of the best pieces of advice anyone can give about visiting the Orlando theme parks is to stay hydrated. To stay hydrated, guests to Walt Disney World will need to know where to refill their water bottles. Where are the best water bottle refill stations at Walt Disney World?

Refillable water bottles are a great way to stay hydrated while visiting Walt Disney World. They also bring some environmental advantages over one-time-use containers.

On the Walt Disney World property, guests can purchase refillable water bottles with many designs. Of course, Disney guests can bring their own water bottles. However, a water bottle without a decent way to fill it presents an issue.

In previous years of theme park days at Walt Disney World’s four theme parks, places to refill a water bottle were scarce. The good news for Walt Disney World guests is that far more places to fill your water bottles exist now.

Still, some places at Walt Disney World appear barren for places to use your refillable water bottle. The resource will show the best place to use your refillable water bottle at Walt Disney World. This discussion will start with the four theme parks and move to the resort hotels and Disney Springs.

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Water Bottle Refill Stations at Walt Disney World: Some Basics

In your hometown, you probably have many public places that have water bottle refill stations. These usually involve placing your water bottle on a pad. This tells the sensor to start allowing water to flow. This will refill your water bottle. These types of water bottle stations feature water filters, providing an extra level of quality and taste.

For those used to seeing those types of water bottle refill stations, Walt Disney World has some. Several newer theme park areas or recently refurbished areas have water bottle refill stations. Most areas of Walk Disney World have traditional old-school water fountains.

Those old-school fountains usually do not have water filters like the refill stations. Of course, many of us kept hydrated that way. The older water fountains present more obstacles when refilling your water bottle, but it can be done.

Since we want to make this a better experience for you when refilling your water bottle at Walt Disney World, this article will focus on where you can fill your water bottle, avoiding the potential hassle of the older water fountains. Still, you can always use those when needed. Most restroom areas at Walt Disney World have a water fountain nearby.

Other Water Options

backlot express

Guests can go to any quick-service dining location to ask for a free cup of water. In fact, you can ask for more than one. Since Walt Disney World resides in Florida, we suggest hydration. Also, Walt Disney World knows this, so complimentary cups of water should not be hard to find.

Still, a few negatives come with this method versus bringing your water bottle. You will often have to wait in a queue for a cup of water. The water cups can be small depending on which location you get the water from. The complimentary cups of water cannot be acquired from free-standing kiosks. You must visit a stand or dining location selling fountain soft drinks. Most food and beverage kiosks at Walt Disney World sell bottled drinks, so there is no fountain machine to get complimentary cups of water.

How to Find Ice at Disney World?

On the plus side, the complimentary cups of water generally come with ice. For those of us who have a fond appreciation for ice, this serves as a bonus. If your water goal involves water with ice, visiting a quick service location with a soda fountain machine will allow you to do that. All those fountain machines at Walt Disney World have a button to acquire water and an ice dispenser. Still, the availability of the ice dispenser being fully stocked with ice is a question you can only resolve when trying to get ice.

Our last few trips to Disney’s Hollywood Studios have involved some desperate search for fountain machines with the ice dispenser working. We wish you more luck. Our recent experiences do not reflect the norm. Still, it is happening more often that ice dispensers at quick-service Disney restaurants are short on supply.

Of course, an altruistic reason to use a refillable water bottle pertains to the environment. Refillable water stations reduce the need for plastic containers and plastic or paper cups.

Water Bottle Refill Disney World: Florida Water

In case you are unaware, the tap water at Walt Disney World tastes different from what you might be used to. If you find the tap water in central Florida not to your liking, you are not alone in this feeling.

Most water options at Walt Disney World involve this tap water. Using the Walt Disney World refillable water stations, you can mitigate the potential lower-quality taste. However, you will still notice the difference. The water from the soda fountain machines has similar issues.

If you feel that the taste of Walt Disney World water will be an issue, we have a few suggestions. You could bring a refillable water filter bottle like Brita to aid with the flavor issue. Many guests get water flavor packets like Mio or Liquid I.V. to change the taste of the water.

If you think you would deal with this issue by purchasing bottled water in the Walt Disney World theme parks, we must warn you about one thing. The same people, including locals, who dislike the Florida water taste claim that the Dasani water sold in the Walt Disney World theme parks also tastes bad. Also, you should expect to pay around four dollars for each water bottle.

Starbucks Option

trolley care cafe starbucks

The Starbucks locations at Walt Disney World use a filtered water system so that you can get water there. Though we can still tell it is Florida water, it tastes better at these locations. Now, you must wait in a queue to get water at Starbucks. Guests should know that the queues at the Walt Disney World theme park Starbucks locations are far longer than one would prefer. In addition, you will receive it in a larger plastic cup, which is nice.

Water Bottle Refill Stations Disney World at the Magic Kingdom

Water Bottle Refill Stations Disney World

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe

One criticism we hear of the Magic Kingdom involves the age of the theme park. Since it is the oldest of the four Walt Disney World theme parks, it makes sense that some modern features like water bottle refill stations would be scarce. As seen throughout Walt Disney World, most water refill stations have been added after the fact. This means they may not look great. Also, the efficiency of many of these water refill stations will be below what you might expect from a standard one.

Though plenty of regular water fountains can be found at the Magic Kingdom, those who want water from another source often struggle at this theme park. For example, none of the counter service (quick service) dining locations have fountain machines where guests fill their own drinks. This also means guests cannot acquire water this way at Magic Kingdom.

However, Magic Kingdom has three water bottle refill stations. Those can be found at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café, Pinocchio Village Haus, and near the restrooms by the Tron Lightcycle / Run attraction.

The Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café option makes the easiest one to use. The water bottle refill station is located between Bay 2 and Bay 3, where guests pick up their food and beverage. We recently tested out this water option. The water tasted okay. Still, this water refill station functions very slowly. If you find yourself behind people with large refillable drink containers, you could be waiting awhile. For example, we stayed behind a couple filling their water bottles. Yes, as a blogger, we timed it. It took three minutes exactly to fill their water bottles.

Other Options

Water Bottle Refill Stations Disney World

Near Tron Lightcyle / Run

The other two options are harder to find. Most guests will miss the one at Pinocchio Village Haus. It can be found just inside the building at the entrance for mobile order pickup. This also serves as a main exit, but the water bottle refill station is in a dark area. On the good side, we rarely see people use this option, so you might not need to wait on anyone else.

The water refill option by Tron Lighttcycle / Run will be missed unless you stop at the restrooms outside the attraction’s exit. Unless riding this attraction, this refill station is far off the beaten path for most guests to utilize it for hydration.

Water Bottle Refill Stations Disney World at Epcot

Water Bottle Refill Stations Disney World

Connection Eatery Restrooms

In contrast to the limited options at the Magic Kingdom, Epcot offers plenty of ways to refill your water bottle to stay hydrated battling the Florida weather,

In the front area of the park, formerly known as Future World, guests can find three different water bottle refill stations. Guests will find one in each of the three designated areas of the front of Epcot:

  • World Discovery
  • World Celebration
  • World Nature.

Guests can find one of these water refill stations at the guest services area near the front of the park. The other two of these reside in ironic places.

The latest Epcot attraction, Moana Journey of Water, has a water refill station near the entrance to the attraction. Also, slightly ironically, Connections Eatery has a water refill station near the restrooms. So, Connection Eatery has fountain machines to refill your water bottle also. However, this serves as a prime example of newer areas like Journey of Water and Connection Eatery are more likely to have water bottle refill stations. 

Self-Serve Fountain Machines Options at Epcot

Connections Eatery

Those of us who love ice with our water enjoy using the soda fountain machines when refilling our water bottles. The three options at Epcot are:

Regal Eagle Smokehouse

  • Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts and Barbecue
  • Connections Eatery
  • Sunshine Seasons in the Land Pavilion.

You have one final water bottle refill station if you use Epcot’s International Gateway entrance/exit. A water bottle filler is outside the restrooms between the Disney Skyliner and the International Gateway area.

Spice Road Table

Epcot has one more water refill location that gets overlooked. A water dispenser resides inside Spice Road Table’s entrance, a table service option in the Morocco area of the World Showcase. This dispenser is easy to use, and the water is cold.

Water Bottle Refill Stations Disney World at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Water Bottle Refill Stations Disney World

Water Bottle Refill Station Near the Milk Stand

Disney’s Hollywood Studios makes a great theme park for those looking to stay hydrated via their refillable water bottle. However, we suggest you indulge in the power of the “Force” when looking for refillable water bottle stations.

Water Bottle Refill Stations Disney World at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Marketplace area of Galaxy’s Edge

At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, three water bottle filling stations exist in the Galaxy’s Edge area of the theme park. Guests can find one of these water refill stations near the restroom in the marketplace area. Another one resides near the Milk Stand. In an odd pattern at Walt Disney World, the third one sits in the exit area of the Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run attraction. Depending on how you exit the attraction, you may never see it. However, we will discuss Walt Disney World’s tendency in recent years to place water fountains and water bottle refill stations in queues later.

Water Bottle Refill Stations Disney World at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Speaking of exits, the restrooms near Disney’s Hollywood Studios exit of the theme park have a water bottle refill station between the men’s and women’s restrooms. This works well if you somehow need some water for the trip home.

backlot express

Also, Disney’s Hollywood Studios has two quick-service locations with a self-serve fountain beverage area that guests can use to refill their water bottles. We find it easier to use the Backlot Express one. Still, the ABC Commissary quick service provides another good option. Please be advised that both locations tend to run short on ice if that serves as a priority for you.

Water Bottle Refill Stations Disney World at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

We have good and bad news for this Walt Disney World theme park. This theme park offers lots of options to refill your water bottle.

Regarding good news, two quick service dining locations at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. They are:

  • Satu’li Canteen in the Pandora – The World of Avatar area of the theme park
  • Restaurantosaurus in the DinoLand U.S.A. area of the theme park

We find both easy to use. However, the Restaurantosaurus one qualifies as more user-friendly based on the operation pattern of Satu’li Canteen. Still, Satu’li opens earlier each day than Restaurantosaurus.

However, we have some bad news about water bottle refill stations. Disney’s Animal Kingdom has two water bottle refill stations. Nevertheless, both are located in the ride queue. In fact, both are found in the queues of the Pandora – The World of Avatar attractions.

One is in the queue for Flight of Passage, shortly before the bathroom. Yes, this attraction had a bathroom placed within it in anticipation of very long wait times, which sometimes happens.

Na’vi River Journey also has a water bottle refill station. Unlike at Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run, you have plenty of time to spot this water bottle refill station if needed.

One last water bottle refill option can be found at Harambe Market, a quick service location in the African area of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. A water dispenser with cups is set up daily here from around 11:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. We enjoy sitting near here, typing, and enjoying the train going by every so often.

Water Bottle Refill Stations Disney World: Outside the Theme Parks

Walt Disney World covers a massive land area. Fortunately, getting very far from a way to refill your water bottle is tough.

For example, Disney Springs offers several ways to refill your water bottle. A few of the public restroom areas have water bottle refill stations. Of course, several quick service locations at Disney Springs have self-serve fountain machines. You can also ask for a cup of ice water at the quick service locations.

Walt Disney World Resort Hotels

The Disney-owned hotels present guests with additional ways to stay hydrated. A list of every option at the Disney-owned hotel would be massive. However, visitors to these resorts should find water bottle refill stations in the following areas at the hotels:

  • Near the restrooms
  • Lobby areas
  • Many of the resort bus stops
  • Playgrounds

Also, if you are like us, you enjoy using the self-serve fountain machines found in the food court and pool bar areas at Walt Disney World Resort hotels. We find the water tastes a little better at these locations. In addition, we can relax for a moment during our day.

One never knows where a water bottle refill station might pop up at Walt Disney World. For example, guests playing mini golf at Fantasia Gardens will find one halfway through the course. Walt Disney World adds new water bottle refill stations regularly. If you need a refill, be on the lookout!

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