Visual Guide to Disney Aulani Restaurants

Today we will be highlighting all of the top three restaurants at the Disney Aulani Resort in Hawaii. First, I would like to congratulate the Aulani, as it was recently named one of the top twelve U.S. hotels on Conde Nast Traveler's “2012 Hot List.”At the Disney Aulani Resort in Hawaii, there are three main restaurants. A lounge, buffet, and sunset restaurant. The lounge doubles as a breakfast area, and may be one of the coolest spaces in the entire resort.

The lounge, the ‘Olelo Room is themed to teaching guests Hawaiian. The new lounge's servers speak fluent Hawaiian, and the walls are decorated with Hawaiian words, so that no guest leaves, without being able to speak a little Hawaiian.

Below are some close ups on the word boxes.

As you can see, these fun word boxes teach guests to not only speak Hawaiian, but also show off some Hawaiian craftsmanship.

The next best restaurant at the Aulani is the sunset dinning room. ‘AMA'AMA is an open aired dinning area situated right on the beach, with beautiful views of the ocean, and sunset. The restaurant is named after the local fish, the ‘ama'ama, the restaurant speacializes in seafood, duck, pasta, and other seasonal specialties.

The entire restaurant is designed to look like Aunty's Beach house. The family just kept adding and adding, and for that reason the restaurant is a combination of modern, and traditional Hawaiian architecture. The attention to detail at ‘Ama'Ama is amazing, for example Disney rusted a nail to make it look older, but they not only rusted the nail, they also added a streak of rust down the stone support pole where the nail was found to provide even more attention to detail.

The restaurant itself is completely open aired, and is beautiful at night. ‘Ama'Ama is very popular among everyone, even people who came in critiquing the restaurant left loving it. So for that reason, make your reservations early.

The final restaurant at the Disney Aulani that we will be covering is Makahiki. Makahiki is a buffet, that is causal at night and a character breakfast in the morning.

The Makahiki is very popular, and not only does it have good food, and architecturally it is beautifully built.  The walls of the room are lined with the inside of the coconut shells, and on the other side of the wall the outside the cocounut lines the wall. This is the kind of attention to detail that populates the Aulani.

Another cool feature of this buffet is that the buffet isn't in the center of the room. It is off to the side, allowing for guests to focus on their meal, and their dinning partners.

The atmosphere in Makahiki is amazing and I wish that I had had the chance to dine here. Apparently, the character dinning and regular buffet are booked through August. Makahiki has become to be known by locals as the best buffet on the island.

I hope that you enjoyed our visual guide to the Disney Aulani's restaurants. Make sure to check out our previous post on the Disney Aulani Lobby. What do you think of these restaurants? My one suggestion is to make reservations EARLY!!!!

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    • I just returned from a second trip and it was fantastic once again. Make sure to check out our upcoming photo reports all this week.

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