Visiting Club 33 at Disneyland and Being Amazed

We are about to open the magical green door in New Orleans Square in Disneyland. Behind it lies the exclusive Club 33.

What is Club 33?

Walt Disney wanted his own corporate style lounge after he returned from the 1964 World's Fair. He wanted his own area to entertain distinguished guests and visiting celebrities that would be near his planned apartment above the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. Sadly, Walt Disney passed away before he could ever see the club finished.

club 33 entrance

Come on lets go inside!
Here is full video of my visit to Club 33 in Disneyland. I spent about three hours putting this together…so enjoy!

Interior of Club 33

club 33 concept art new orleans square
This is one of my favorite photos of Walt Disney. This is a drawing of what he would look like having breakfast in Club 33.

This is one of my favorite photos of Walt Disney. This is a drawing of what he would look like having breakfast in Club 33.

club 33 plate with logo

pirates of the caribbean concept art club 33

club 33 entryway


club 33 fireplace

Inside the Club there is a phone booth that was rumored to be from the “Happiest Millionaire,” we recently took a look at the rumor.

Why is it named Club 33?

When Walt Disney passed away the club was unnamed. There are two theories about why Club 33 was chosen as the title. The first, and official answer is that it is the address of the club. The second is that in 1967, the year the club opened, Disneyland had 33 other companies sponsoring it. Examples of these are still seen throughout the park today and include Coca Cola and until recently Kodak.

Views from Club 33

view from club 33
(All of the views from the club can be seen in the video above.)
For anyone who doesn't understand the magnitude of this Disneyland visit for me let me explain. Club 33 was on my bucket list with meeting the pope and becoming President of the US. I had a fantastic time visiting the Club and I am so happy to have shared my experiences with all of you.
exit sign club 33
The club may be expanding, which would make it even cooler. Make sure to check back later this week to see our other article about visiting the Lilly Belle train car on the Disneyland railroad.

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  1. Wow, I have always wanted to visit Club 33! I so agree with the bucket list comment.

    • It was a fantastic experience. Be sure to check out the video above.

  2. Wow! Which VIP’s life did you have to save to get an invite into this exclusive club???

    • Hahaha very funny. We are very lucky to know a huge Disney fan who recently became a member of the club.

  3. Great experience, when is Club 33 coming to Disney World and where will it be at?

  4. I was also able to realize my dream of Club 33. Truly a magical day. The generous members that made our day possible also gave us passes to the park that day ( they say Club 33 on them), requested the best table in the house in the corner at the balcony with the balcony doors on either side. They also arranged VIP seating for Fantasmic and WOC. Truly the best day our family has ever had!

  5. My wife and I were married on Halloween in Las Vegas back in 2002 as Vampires. We had our honeymoon at Disneyland in CA. We have never had more fun and been treated as well by the staff anywhere else. Every year we return to the park on Halloween to celebrate our anniversary and we are treated like family. Disney is a very special part of our lives and always will be. Disney will forever be in our hearts and souls. Now if we could just get into Club 33!! lol

    • Yes, it is a very fun experience. Best of luck getting into the Club.

  6. How do you join Club33 ? What are the price ranges for Disneyland and Diseyworld ?

    • There is just one Club 33 in Disneyland. The yearly tuition is just about $14,000 dollars a year. But, that is just an estimate.

      • i am a member of the club and it’s about 25k, but hey! its worth it!

    • We happen to have a close family friend who is a member. He is very kind to have brought us a few times.

  7. HUGE Mickey Mouse fan for 40 years now and I too have been dying to see the inside of Club 33!

  8. My youngest child ( a girl) was born on July 17, 1956 and we moved to California from Ohio in June of 1959 so Disneyland was still very new and wonderful. We spent Thanksgiving there in 1959 and our relatives always said “if they are not at home they are probably at Disneyland”. Sadly it is difficult to afford nowadays. We sure used a lot of the tickets and still have some. Thanks for the memories.

  9. Informative video
    How do people become members/get on the waiting list for Club 33?

      • as being a member, my family did work for the ceo of disney, and he wanted to repay us, it was my dads dream to be apart of the club. We are now in the club thanks to the help of the ceo! the waitlist is really long, and are not currently accepting members. If you want to get in the club you have to be chosen by the higher ups at Disney!

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