Is Universal’s Harry Potter Forcing Disneyland and WDW to Expand? With Arthur Levine Theme Parks Writer For– DD 004

universal forces disneyland and walt disney world to expandIn this episode I am joined by Arthur Levine, the theme parks writer for to discuss the theme park industry, the possible competition for Disneyland and Walt Disney World, and the importance of theme park food.

We talk about the best in theme park dining, the amazing new Harry Potter experience in Orlando, and the non-competitive nature of the theme park industry.

This week's Disneyland secret features the huge marble ball inside of Tomorrowland and the powerful water flume underneath.

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More Specifically, In This Episode You'll Hear:

  • Review of the new Harry Potter area at Universal
  • Our favorite Disneyland theme park food
  • How he got a job speaking to Walt Disney Imagineering
  • Cars Land and the future for Disneyland
  • Did you know that Disneyland was supposed to have an Incredibles ride?
  • How a theme park's menu offerings represent the quality of the park
  • MagicBands in Disneyland
  • Arthur's experience interviewing Tony Baxter,  the famous Imagineer

This Week's Disneyland Secret:

Each episode we share a secret from my new book Disneyland Secrets: A Guide to Disneyland's Hidden Details. This week we discuss the powerful flume of water that could go shooting off in Tomorrowland at any second (if the huge marble ball were removed).

Photo by Gregg Cooper

Photo by Gregg Cooper

The huge marble ball that is found in Tomorrowland is able to move because of the high pressured water that is pushing the ball just high enough off of the base to allow for guests to roll and move it.

For a discount on the book, listen to the podcast.

Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode:

  1. Interview With Tony Baxter – this is Arthur's exclusive interview with Tony from the time that he visited Walt Disney Imagineering
  2. Why the Hogwarts Express May Change Everything at Florida's Theme Parks -Arthur's Review of the Harry Potter Experience at Orlando
  3. Carthay Circle Restaurant Review– This is Arthur's favorite theme park restaurant. Read our review here.
  4. The Best Restaurants at Disneyland– Arthur mentioned this list of the best restaurants at Disneyland.

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