Tree of Life in Animal Kingdom Loses Limb

The Tree of Life in Disney's Animal Kingdom had lost a limb, and that It’s Tough to Be a Bug attraction and Tree of Life walkways are closed until further notice. As an extreme thunder storm hit Orlando last night, many believe that cracks were made worse by the extreme rain.As the Tree of Life isn't a reel tree, but an upside down oil rig, Disney hopes that the damage wasn't structural. While the limb was only small, all areas surrounding the tree are closed for the time being.

Here is the official Q and A from Disney.

Q.  I heard one of the branches from the Tree of Life fell.  Is this why the area is closed to Guests?
Yes, a small branch (weighing approximately five pounds) fell to the ground, away from Guests and Cast.  In an abundance of caution, we are closing some experiences in the immediate vicinity of the Tree of Life as we further inspect it and complete any necessary maintenance.

Q.  What caused the branch to fall?  Was it weather related?

We are still reviewing the situation.

Q.  What exactly will be closed while we inspect The Tree of Life?
The trails around the Tree of Life will be temporarily closed, as well as the “It’s Tough to be a Bug” attraction and the Kid’s Discovery Club location.

Q. When will the experiences around the Tree of Life reopen?
At this time we do not have a reopening date.

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