Toy Hunter: Coming To A TV Near You

Jordan Hembrough, Host of Toy Hunter

A Rocket Firing Boba Fett? Did you know it even existed? Jordan Hembrough does and he can show you on this short video from Toy Hunter, a new TV show on the Travel Channel, on Wednesdays at 9/8c.  Jordan is an avid toy collector and has been buying and selling toys for the past 25 years.  He has seen his fair share of Disney memorabilia, can give you a price on just about any toy, and is showing off his talent on Toy Hunter every week.

Disney collectors and fans should definitely tune in for Toy Hunter since Disney has such a strong presence in toy collections and hunting.  Jordan has come across a lot of Disney memorbia in his toy hunting.  On a recent visit to Tampa, Florida, he came across a robot collector.  This collector had a lot of old Disney tin toys like Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  Disney is intertwined into the show so you may see theme park exclusives, props from rides, and even pin trading in future episodes.

How can I describe Jordan Hembrough?  Renowned toy dealer.  Ultimate toy hunter.  People watcher.  And now, TV celebrity.  He is always on the search for the unique and forgotten items hidden away in some attic or box.  One of the rarest items he has found is an orginal pencil sketch for the artwork of Matel's Masters of the Universe packaging, which was found in the artist's closet. The artist didn't even know he had it.  The sketch was sold to a collector in Germany for $10,500.  Jordan has been in the toy hunting business for 25 years.  Hollywood Heros, his own business, had a booth at Star Wars Celebration to sell and showcase some of his vintage and modern toy collectables.

For the past couple of weeks, Jordan has taken the Toy Hunter viewers on a journey to find unique toys across the United States.  Viewers are able be with Jordan when he digs in basements, looks in attics, and rummages through storage lockers looking for old toys that many of us grew up with.  Buying and selling collectable toys for over two decades has given him a very clear perspective on how much items are worth.  Last Wednesday, Jordan discovered an original Barbie, KISS dolls, and a superman cape!  Jordan makes his appearance in San Francisco on Wednesday's episode of Toy Hunter.  Repeats of the show are shown throughout the week so you can catch up before the new episode.  If you have a special toy or collectable that you would like to share with Jordan and the other viewers, the Rate My Toy section of the Toy Hunter's website allows you to do just that.  Let's see how many Disney collections Rate My Toy can hold!

Meeting Jordan Hembrough and learning about Toy Hunter, Wednesdays at 9/8c, were some of the best moments of Star Wars Celebration.  Knowing that his favorite Disney characters were Mickey, Pluto, and Goofy made it easy to figure out his favorite characters and costumes at Star Wars Celebration.  Can you guess them?  The original trilogy characters like R2D2, C3PO, and Luke were his favorites.  It makes sense since he is always on the lookout for vintage and original toys.  Maybe it brings him back to a happy place in his childhood with the Masters of the Universe characters or because he can see how much joy these collectables bring to others.  Either way, he is an incredibly knowledgeable and entertaining  Toy Hunter.  Don't miss Toy Hunter, on the Travel Channel, every Wednesday at 9/8c.

By the way, that Boba Fett?  It sold.  Check out the video!

Visit the Toy Hunter page on the Travel Channel's website.

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