Top Ten Memories of Our Day at Hollywood Studios


1. The cast member at the gate scanned our tickets with an iPhone! No finger print needed and we didn't have to squeeze through the turnstile.


2. The Citizens of Hollywood joined us after we first walked into the park.


3. Some of my favorite characters were out. The Chef had his Pi Pie. Love it!


4. A new, at least to me, Citizen was out and about posing for the camera.


5. The Jack Sparrow Experience had its dress rehearsal and we were able to see it! The hologram was AMAZING!


6. Letting the kids play at the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids playground while I wrote my article was relaxing as always.


7. Seeing the Chef play Flip the Spoon is always fun. I don't normally get to catch the act so it was a nice change.


8. The one memory that brought tears to my eyes and touched my heart was the little boy that carefully moved the red carpet across the street so the “stars” didn't have to touch the concrete. It took a long time and despite the Citizens being hysterical, the boy was completely serious about making sure the carpet was straight as possible
so they could safely walk across the street.


9. Hearing the conversation that the one Citizen kept trying to have with those crossing the street was hilarious. She even moved the car from one side of the street to the other so they really didn't have to walk, but then what fun would that be?


10. The dancing magical lights that lit up Streets of America at dusk were as amazing as ever. It was almost chilly when we visited, so the snow and festive music went along with the weather perfectly.

What are your top ten memories of Hollywood Studios?

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