Here Are The 20 Most Popular Disney Shows & Movies in August

As we head into the end of summer this August, Disney+ is your family's ultimate destination for entertainment. From timeless Disney classics to the latest blockbuster releases, Disney+ ensures there's never a dull moment.

But Disney isn't just for the little ones! For those seeking more mature content, Disney has introduced Star, a streaming service aimed at adult audiences in selected international markets. Star showcases content from Disney subsidiaries like ABC Signature, 20th Television, 20th Century Studios, FX Productions, Searchlight Pictures, and Touchstone Pictures. Whether you're a fan of the intergalactic adventures in Guardians of the Galaxy, the medical dramas of Grey's Anatomy, or the charming tales of Bluey, Disney+ has everything you need to keep your Summer entertainment sizzling!

Top Titles in August for Disney+ Movies

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We're about to take a deep dive into what's been trending this August as we rank the top Disney+ movies and TV shows, using data from FlixPatrol. FlixPatrol calculates points based on a show or movie's chart position, reflecting the direct popularity rankings from the streaming platform, with this list as of August 30th. Looking for suggestions to spice up your watch list? We've got you covered!

10) Tangled

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Disney's captivating animated film, which reimagines the classic tale of Rapunzel, has seen a resurgence in popularity. Tangled follows Rapunzel, a young woman with magical golden hair, who embarks on a thrilling adventure filled with comedy, action, and romance after escaping from the tower where she had been held captive. With each revisit of this beloved film, viewers remember Rapunzel's courage, curiosity, and journey to find her place in the world.

9) Cars

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This beloved movie follows the story of racing car Lightning McQueen and his journey after being unexpectedly stranded in the small town of Radiator Springs on Route 66. Along the way, he makes unexpected friends and learns what he has been missing in life.

8) Ratatouille

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Serving up an eighth-place finish on Disney+’s list is Ratatouille. Audiences are eating up the tale of Remy, our ambitious rodent hero with a taste for gourmet cooking. Follow him on his flavorful journey as he chases his dream of becoming a top chef in the culinary capital of the world, Paris.

7) Turning Red

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A hot pick this month, this Pixar gem adds a dash of spice to teenage turmoil. Meet Mei Lee, an ordinary 13-year-old navigating puberty with one extraordinary twist–she morphs into a giant red panda whenever her emotions flare up! It’s an endearing adventure, showing us that growing up can sometimes involve more than just the usual growing pains.

6) Vacation Friends 2

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In this sequel to the comedy Vacation Friends, Marcus and his wife Emily invite their best friends Ron and Kyla to an all-expenses-paid trip to a Caribbean resort, but things get out of hand when Kyla's incarcerated father is released and shows up unexpectedly at the resort.

5) Coco

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Disney’s Coco enchants audiences with its vibrant visuals and heartfelt homage to familial bonds across generations. Infused with a love for music and a journey of self-discovery deeply rooted in family heritage, it’s truly a masterpiece. Join Miguel as he explores the Land of the Dead to trace his ancestors. In this mystical world, he finds not just his lineage but a profound understanding of his true self and a deeper connection to his family’s past.

4) Avatar: The Way of Water

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Avatar: The Way of Water is worth a watch even if you’re not an ardent Avatar enthusiast. Why, you ask? Upon its theatrical release on December 16th, 2022, it soared to become the third highest-grossing film of all time worldwide, raking in a cool $2.32 billion at the box office. Also, it’s nominated for a multitude of Academy Awards, including Best Picture and ground-breaking visual effects. So, sit back and enjoy this visually spectacular treat!

3) Encanto

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Disney's enchanting Madrigal family continues to charm its way into the Disney+ top 10 with Encanto, coming in at number three! With chart-topping tunes like “Surface Pressure” and the crowd-favorite “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” (hailed as the greatest Disney song ever), it’s hard to resist the magic. But it’s not just the catchy melodies that shine; the spellbinding movie presents powerful messages about family bonds and individuality that truly resonate with audiences. It seems these compelling themes are getting the recognition they richly deserve.

2) Moana

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The anticipation for the upcoming live-action remake has rekindled fans' affection for this animated masterpiece, and they can't seem to get enough of it. Moana, as a beloved Disney princess, is more than just a royal figure–she represents resilience and determination. Join Moana on her voyage as she sets out to save her people, discovering more about her strength and identity along the way.

1) Guardians of The Galaxy Volume 3

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This highly anticipated final installment of the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy follows the Guardians, who are just settling into life on Knowhere, fighting to save Rocket's life as he is suddenly targeted by a dangerous enemy. This must-see movie takes an emotional deep dive into Rocket's past, explores powerful themes, and serves as an incredible end to the Guardians' story.

Top Titles in August for Disney+ TV Shows

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Venture into Disney+’s most-watched TV shows as of August 30th, derived from FlixPatrol’s data. Just as we used data to compile Disney+’s top movies for August, the same method is applied to Disney+ TV shows. FlixPatrol’s point system, based on each show’s chart position, gives us a direct peek into their popularity on the streaming platform. And, similar to the movies, we’re seeing some familiar titles in the mix!

Some of these titles may surprise avid Disney Plus viewers in the United States. Globally, Disney offers more general entertainment series on the service than they do in the US and some of those titles made it into the top list here.

10) Futurama

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In this animated sci-fi sitcom, pizza delivery boy Fry wakes up 1,000 years in the future in the 31st century. Futurama follows the adventures of the Planet Express crew, an intergalactic package delivery company where Fry finds work alongside captain Leela and robot Bender.

9) I am Luna

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Luna moves from Cancún, Mexico to Buenos Aires, Argentina when her adoptive parents get a job offer they can't refuse. As she adjusts to her new life, she makes new friends, falls in love, and finds the skating rink Jam & Roller, where she explores the world of freestyle skate-dancing.

8) Only Murders In The Building

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Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez star in this series where three strangers obsessed with true crime living in the same apartment building find themselves brought together over a real murder in their building. Using their knowledge of true crime, they work together to unravel clues and seek the truth.

7) Malcolm in the Middle

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Malcolm in the Middle never fails to deliver big laughs. Join the ride with Malcolm, the gifted middle child, as he navigates the absurdity and charm of middle-class suburban life, albeit his unconventional family. There’s never a dull moment in this hilarious clan’s antics!

6) Family Guy

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Family Guy continues to strike in the middle of August's list as one of the most-watched shows on Disney+. Rhode Island’s edgy and unconventional Griffin family brings laughter to the mundane, with their ridiculous antics and witty banter. Whether you’re in the mood for slapstick comedy or humor that teeters on the brink of controversy, Family Guy offers a unique blend of both.

5) The Simpsons

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The Simpsons continue to entertain as a comedy powerhouse on Disney+. A testament to their enduring appeal, this animated gem has a guaranteed spot on our screens through 2025, so it’s not disappearing anytime soon. However, whether they can maintain their top 10 ranking amongst Disney+ viewers remains to be seen.

4) Modern Family

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Modern Family continues to be one of the most-watched TV shows on Disney+! This sitcom offers a refreshing take on the complexities of contemporary families, blending diverse familial dynamics with feel-good humor. It’s the compelling mix of relatability and hilarity that has captivated audiences, earning its well-deserved spot on the chart.

3) Grey's Anatomy

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Grey's Anatomy finds itself yet again in the third spot this August, proving to be a favorite among viewers, even after the latest season wrapped up in May. The question on everyone’s lips now is whether Season 20 will mark the series’ final act. If you’re yet to dive into this acclaimed medical drama, there’s no better time than the present. Journey alongside the captivating Dr. Meredith Grey as she navigates her way from a novice intern to a seasoned doctor.

2) Bluey

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Bluey continues to be a beloved show on Disney+. Join Bluey and her family as they transform everyday moments into extraordinary adventures, weaving tales of love, creativity, and imagination that feel like a warm embrace. It's the perfect mood booster, infusing any day with a cozy, feel-good vibe. It's no surprise it's still one of the top shows on Disney+!

We expect Bluey's popularity to continue to soar, especially since Disney released 10 new episodes of Bluey Season 3 on Disney+! Fans of Bluey have been thoroughly enjoying the new season and have been watching it on repeat.

1) Ahsoka

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In this highly anticipated show, Anakin Skywalker's former Padawan must face the reemerging threat of Grand Admiral Thrawn with the help of Sabine and Hera from the show Star Wars: Rebels, with several characters who have only previously been seen in the animated show now appearing in live action. In the show, Ahsoka must face her past and her future as she prepares to confront this new threat.

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