Top 25 Disney Twitter Users-Best People to Follow on Twitter if you Like Disney


What is the only social media platform that lets us shrink our sentences to 140 characters or less? Twitter. I decided that there wasn't a complete list anywhere that highlights the best, top, supreme Disney Twitter accounts that are out in the vast site. Everyday I come across yet another Disney Twitter that I want to follow. Today I have compiled a list of the top 25 Disney Twitter Users that  you should go follow if you even have a little bit of a passion for Disney, Disney World, Disneyland or any other area of the huge company.


Please know that the list below are not the people with the most followers, but the people who are the most entertaining and informative and the people whom I personally follow.


25. @jmaruyama-Freelance artist creating very cute versions of Disney characters on his site and also sells some of his work.


24. @21RoyalStreet– Writer of a great column for Micechat and is just always at Disneyland. Follow this guy for the most up to date information on Disneyland Park and really anything Disney.


23. @pj_campbell-A fan of both Marvel and Disney this blogger shares great information and knowledge about both Disney and Marvel.


22. @Designerland71-A born dreamer & doer. An idea guy who understands the importance of magic. Specializing in graphic design, typography, painting and illustration.


21. @DisneyHipsters– Sure they like to live on the edge of snarkyness, but @DisneyHipsters like to have a good time and also run a fun Disney blog.


20. @ProgressCityUSA– History, news, and unsolicited criticism about Disney parks, film and animation.


19. @CmDisBrow– A photographer and writer who is basically the Disney World equivalent of  @21RoyalStreet,


18. @OHatWDW– They put their ear to the ground and listen for gossip at Walt Disney World. The gossip is usually pretty funny.


17. @DisneyLifestyle– A lifestyle blog celebrating the ways we bring the magic of Disney into our homes and everyday lives.


16. @delightfullywdw– Delightfully Disney into family travel and dedicated to all things Walt Disney World.


15.@MainStMonitor-A Disney blogger who has great Tweets(stories) to share.


14. @TalesofaDCM-A writer and past Disneyland Cast Member, @DeeMagicGirl will delight you with her amazing Tweets.


13. @MrDaps– Not only does he have my favorite Twitter background, he also shares an amazing perspective through his account and site.


12. @happyplaceblog-Home to Muppet Mondays + content on Disney theatre, travel & lovely small details.


11. @EyeofMara– You seek the treasure of Mara. Twittering gold… It is yours!


10. @InsidetheMagic-Theme park news + World's Longest-Running Disney and Theme Park Podcast. See our interview with Ricky, the host.  


9. @EpcotExplorer-Epcot blogger and Tumblrer who writes great Tweets and is passionate about Epcot.


8. @DininginDisney-Heather is the place to go for Disney food news. Follow her immediately.


7. @DLPRMagic-Disneyland Paris at the click of a mouse! The biggest online guide, bringing you news, guides, photos, videos, reviews, tips


6. @MiceChat– The leading source for Disney and theme park news from Disneyland, Disney World, Universal Studios, Knott's Berry Farm, SeaWorld and beyond.


5. @DisneylandLive-Celebrating the Disneyland Resort through News & Photography


4. @WDWPics-A collection of beautiful, thought-provoking pictures from Disney parks World taken by outstanding photographers.


3.@WDWNotJustKids-A website for adults who love the mouse. Vegetarian. Shopaholic.


2. @DisLeeLandia– The DISNEYANA Virtual Archive was started in '09 to showcase Disney media, toys, games, figurines, and the like. It now exists as an entertaining research tool.


1. @WDWFigment-Walt Disney World & Disneyland Fan. Published Photographer. Owner of Follow for Award-Winning Sarcasm…minus the award-winning part.


That completes our list of the Top 25 Twitterers of Disney. Of course we also recommend that you follow us @DisneyDose for all of the latest Disney news and photos. Also, make sure to follow @DisneyTipsPics and @DizBuzz our two of our amazing writers.


Do you think that you or a different Twitterer should be on this list? Make sure to comment below.


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  1. I invite you to check out @attractions – our Twitter account for Orlando Attractions Magazine. We cover all of Walt Disney World and the other theme parks and attractions in Orlando.

    • Thanks Matt, I will. I have always been interested in your magazine and hope to have a chance to read it sometime.


      Gavin Doyle
      Editor in Chief Disney Dose

  2. I follow several people on that list, and will check out some of the others you listed. One of my favorites to follow is @DisneyTipsPics she posts some good pics and info also.

    • Jaymz, I completely agree with you. The reason that @DisneyTipsPics wasn’t listed in this list was because she actually writes for Disney Dose and I wanted to make sure that no one thought that we were endorsing ourselves. I meant to mention her at the bottom of the post but forgot to. If you check now, you will see that I have listed her. Thank you for reminding me.


      Gavin Doyle
      Editor in Chief Disney Dose

  3. Thanks so much for the lsit! I just extended my blog to Twitter, so I’m grateful for you giving me some new Disney twitter accounds to follow. Please check out mine!

    • I hope you keep up the good work on Twitter.


      Gavin Doyle
      Editor in Chief Disney Dose

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